Technology Is Becoming Indistinguishable From Reality

Scientists can now decode the entire genome of a human being, whether living now or 3,800 years ago and reconstruct their face and know what their diet was and whether they had a high tolerance for alcohol, as was recently done using the DNA extracted from the molar of a woman in prehistoric Japan.

Between developments in DNA decoding, quantum computing, 5G, IOT, brain signal-reading technology and artificial intelligence, humans are getting very close to being able to create simulacra of real reality – and to create convincing fake realities. Elon Musk says these simulations will one day be indistinguishable from real reality, like in The Matrix.

Truth Stream Media are back with a short documentary about this topic. As Melissa Dykes says here, “They’ve built this whole structure that they’ve placed over the natural world and they can bypass your senses with it…it’s like every episode of The Twilight Zone has been mixed together in a blender and unleashed on to society.”

We’re only at the very beginning of a truly post-truth world.