Real World or Simulation

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Amazing Polly has done an amazing dig that strongly indicates  Democrat leaders, working with their communications strategists, crisis actors and Mainstream Media outlets produced the hysterical melodrama that we saw last week about a lack of ventilators forcing New York hospitals to consider enacting Do Not Resuscitate orders on COVID-19 patients. In short, Democrats want people to die and to blame it on Trump.

We’d previously talked about the new #FilmYourHospital YouTube genre of people filming their local hospitals, showing them to be empty, as opposed to the war zones widely described in the Fake News.

Dana Ashlie posted an excellent compilation of these videos, intercutting them with official reports that inadvertently revealed a possible false flag operation involving CBS News and The New York Times.

The local CBS news report showed a throng of people waiting to get tested outside Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, aka Ground Zero of the COVID-19 pandemic in the US.

Other people going over there with their cellphone cameras have recorded a deserted wasteland outside and a reception area almost devoid of people. Was CBS’ crowd staged for the cameras?

On March 25th, a Dr Colleen Smith was the star a dramatic New York Times spread and video, ’13 Deaths in a Day: An “Apocalyptic” Coronavirus Surge at an NYC Hospital.’

Smith’s story was published in tandem with Gov Andrew Cuomo’s televised briefing about an apocalyptic lack of ventilators, during which he criticized the woeful bungling of Donald Trump.

Amazing Polly did some digging on Dr Smith and it wasn’t long before she found, among the people boosting her story were Public Relations professionals who work directly for leading Democrats, like Sen. Amy Klobuchar, Sen. Kirsten Hillebrand, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Nancy Pelosi.

Interestingly, Dr Colleen Smith’s LinkedIn account and other bios all say that she specializes in “medical simulations” and apparently, her New York State Medical License expired back in 2018.

For their part, Elmhurst Hospital denied that they were ever in a shortage of ventilators.

Polly says, “Most interesting to me is the fact that Colleen Smith, who is saying that this is basically an apocalypse at Elmhurst Hospital because of a lack of ventilators, who says she, herself is a physician in the hospital – why is she standing there with her camera recording them, instead of working with them?

“Why are [the ventilators] there in the first place? Why aren’t there doctors scrambling to get their hands on them?”

On March 23rd during the daily White House briefing, William Barr had said the DOJ would be going after price gougers and hoarders of supplies. On the 27th, it came out that Andrew Cuomo had been hoarding thousands of ventilators in a New Jersey warehouse and that New York was never in immediate danger of lacking them, despite the hoopla.

Some may recall that Catherine Austin Fitts has detailed the mind-numbing criminality of Andrew Cuomo, with whom she worked when he was Secretary of Housing and Urban Development in the late 1990s.

She said that HUD was being run as a criminal enterprise, most likely financing a Black Budget and targeting American neighborhoods with narcotics trafficking and mortgage fraud.

Starting in 1997, Fitts was overtly targeted by Andrew Cuomo with the help of the legal department that he managed as HUD Secretary. She was poisoned with arsenic and nearly died.