Organic food – hype or hope?

There is growing demand in the western world for organic food. But do consumers always get what it says on the label? How can authenticity be verified? Is organic food automatically healthier? Consumers are prepared to pay a significant premium for it. There are currently, however, no reliable tests for distinguishing organic from conventionally produced …[continue reading]

The War on Wheat

It’s a multi-billion dollar battle for your belly. Millions of people are joining the anti-wheat revolution. Kellogg’s, the world’s largest cereal maker, has seen its biggest drop in sales since the 1970s. Food companies are selling off their struggling bread divisions. It’s all because best-selling health evangelists say that wheat is causing everything from fat …[continue reading]

Watch: Firefighters Report Neurological Damage After Cell Tower Installation Near Their Station

The Facts: Following a cell tower installation on their fire station, Firefighters were all found to have abnormal brain chemistry. Reflect On: Why is this technology being rolled out without any appropriate biological safety testing first? If we already have reason to believe there are issues, shouldn’t we test effectively first? “Putting in tens of …[continue reading]

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Battle to ban Roundup: Government rows back on banning chemical used in growing food crops

The Department of Agriculture had decided to halt use of glyphosate on food crops pending review, in line with Brussels. Why the change of heart, asks Caroline O’Doherty. THE local authority official from Ballaghaderreen wrote to the Department of Agriculture to advise that regional councilors had voted to call for a ban on the use of …[continue reading]

Third mumps case confirmed at Jacobs High School: all three were vaccinated

(Note from Erin: It’s sad but no surprise that all three students who have come down with the mumps were vaccinated. Merck has even been sued by their own virologists for their ineffective MMR vaccine.) A third case of mumps has been confirmed at a Jacobs High School in Algonquin- in a vaccinated child. 1 The district sent a …[continue reading]

The Truth About Gardasil

The Truth About Gardasil After Gardasil was licensed and three doses recommended for 11-12 year old girls and teenagers, there were thousands of reports of sudden collapse with unconsciousness within 24 hours, seizures, muscle pain and weakness, disabling fatigue, Guillain Barre Syndrome (GBS), facial paralysis, brain inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, blood clots, optic neuritis, multiple …[continue reading]