European Court of Justice opinion finds that industrial hemp is not a drug and cannot lawfully be treated or regulated as such by Member States

Gino Kenny calls on the Irish Government to stop any further unwarranted actions against the Irish hemp industry

The European Court of Justice (CJEU) recently published a preliminary ruling that industrial hemp, in all its parts, is not a drug and cannot lawfully be treated or regulated as such by Member States under EU law.

The Court states that it finds no scientific basis to justify applying trade controls designed to regulate narcotic drugs to products made from any part of the industrial hemp plant.

Dublin Mid-West TD Gino Kenny said: “This is an important development in terms of the rules and regulations governing the Irish hemp industry to date extending from the Misuse of Drugs Act(s). It would appear that the wrongful application of the law in relation to hemp has caused extensive damage to hemp farms, local and small businesses and livelihoods.

“I am urging the Government, its Departments, agencies and enforcement bodies including Customs and Revenue, the Department of Health and relevant competent authorities to halt any further actions against the Irish hemp industry until it has fully evaluated the Advocate General’s advice.

“The hemp industry has been the subject of an incredible amount of misinformation and hysteria which I believe may be underpinned by the ulterior motives of a corporate sector chomping at the bit to take over a highly lucrative industry. We have the opportunity to build an organic, and environmentally and economically beneficial hemp industry in Ireland, in which local farmers and producers earn a living by preserving the integrity and value of this most important plant.

“I sincerely hope the Government pay attention to this extensive Court of Justice legal argument and issue an instruction to relevant departments and agencies to stop what now appear to be unwarranted seizures and unlawful disruptions to legitimate small businesses,” added Deputy Kenny.