Economies Of The West Are Spiraling Abysmally

The US Dollar is the tenth strongest currency in the world …  despite having the largest economy by GDP in the world.   The top three currencies are Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman.   Eight  African Colonies of France were required to trade in the French Franc creating an artificial strength in currency valuation.   In 2021, the Euro …[continue reading]

The People’s Pen: How Citizen Notices Shaped Recent Game-Changing SCOTUS Rulings

Are we witnessing a “Notice” Revolution? Everyday Americans, turned citizen scholars, have quietly reclaimed the Supreme Court with legal notices to lead SCOTUS’ return to the constitution. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

Joe Rogan Experience #2171 – Eric Weinstein & Terrence Howard

Eric Weinstein holds a PhD in mathematical physics from Harvard University and is a member of the Galileo Project research team. Terrence Howard is an actor of stage and screen, musician, and researcher in the fields of logic and engineering. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

“Evolutionary Due Process”

Similar to the metamorphosis of an earth-bound caterpillar becoming a free-flying butterfly, Man’s unique “first in time” genesis and faultless right of way “evolutionary due process” from a non-reducible single-celled Zygote in the womb to a mature non-reducible thoroughly inspired, enlightened, and self-governing man beyond the womb may be a mysterious thing to the unlearned …[continue reading]