Bobby Graves Destroys Ignorance

Guest: Bobby Graves A Warrior Calls – for live stream access every Monday and Thursday @8pm EST ***The world must go to and download all pdf’s and videos.All the evidence the world needs to see to understand the COVID19 SARS-CoV-2 LIE will be found. the world must go for truth and the …[continue reading]

Shots: Eugenics to Pandemics

Shots puts an amusing spin on the little-known history of eugenics. It traces the genocidal, anti-ethnic eugenics movement which resulted in the sterilization and elimination of millions. It exposes how the wealthiest families financed the evolution of eugenics into Nazi Germany, and pushed America into perpetual wars. These families further influenced government’s elimination of financial …[continue reading]

UN Plan to Take Over US Healthcare LEAKED

This is the most thorough and insightful video I’ve seen thus far about the manifold implications of the global government takeover via the International Health Regulations (IHR) of the World Health Organization that are being voted on in Geneva Switzerland this May 22-28th. Pete Santilli breaks it down for Alex Jones, saying, “Here we are, two …[continue reading]


He predicted 9/11. Now economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong, warns Del the current path society is headed down could lead to the end of nations. #MartinArmstrong #EconomicForecaster #EndOfNations POSTED: February 22, 2022 EMBED A VIDEO (Optional):

The Most Important Article on COVID-19 You Will Ever Read

[This article was originally published here.] Sol Luckman Occam’s razor is a highly useful philosophical principle attributed to a fourteenth-century logician named William of Ockham. As it is used in science, the principle is often understood thus: When you have two or more competing theories for explaining a given phenomenon, the simpler (or simplest) theory …[continue reading]

SHOCKING PROOF! The Bible is NOT About What You Think it is! Mauro Biglino & Paul Wallis

Who Is Mauro Biglino? Mauro Biglino is an internationally Bestselling Italian Author, academic, researcher and a highly regarded professional translator. Mauro worked for one of the biggest Catholic publishers “San Paolo” as an official translator of the Bible. He believes that our current understanding of the bible is incorrect, and that the book has been …[continue reading]