You’ve been genetically hijacked to produce Pfizer’s pfrankenstein proteins

Download PDF Story at-a-glance Pfizer’s mRNA COVID-19 shots instruct cells to produce additional “off-target” proteins that could pose significant health risks The finding was revealed by a team of U.K. researchers, who found a “glitch” occurred due to the way the COVID-19 shots were genetically modified According to the study, off-target cellular immune responses occur …[continue reading]

Lord Rothschild Claims His Family Created Israel

Backroom deals, betrayal, and a war that’s lasted almost a hundred years. This is what happened when the richest family in the world decided to create their own country. In 1917, the Rothschilds, the trillion-dollar family that invented modern-day banking, used their money, power, and influence to strike a secret deal with the British government. …[continue reading]

Continuing to support Israel at this point just means you’re a garbage human being

This has been happening for four months. If you’re still supporting Israel after four months of atrocities, then you’re just a shitty human being. After four months you’ve lost any possible claim to have overreacted to October 7 in the emotional heat of the moment, and this is just who you are as a person. …[continue reading]

The Super Bowl Massacre: Israel’s invasion of Rafah will be catastrophic

For weeks the Israeli leadership has threatened to invade the southern most city in Gaza, Rafah, where some 1.4 million Palestinians are crammed in tents and crude shelters along the Egyptian border. The Sunday night series of airstrikes on Rafah, which caused another civilian massacre during the American Super Bowl, is only a taste of …[continue reading]

G. Edward Griffin Exposes the Cancer Conspiracy and Warns Against Controlled Opposition

G. Edward Griffin exposes how the medical establishment’s refusal to cure cancer ensures ongoing profits for Big Pharma from a perpetually ill populace. He said that the number of cancer cases is growing and that cancer is directly related to diet and a deficiency of amygdalin. He said that amygdalin [aka vitamin B17] can be …[continue reading]

RCR IN/FOCUS REPORT: Fluoride on the Brain

Need help knowing which videos to share with curious friends and family on the topics that matter? RCR has the solution! Our new documentary series, In/Focus with filmmaker Alistair Harding, addresses the need for shareable, easy-to-follow, entry-level investigations on the issues we all face during these turbulent times. Designed for sharing, our new In/Focus content …[continue reading]

The Illegal Kidnapping and Persecution of Reiner Fuellmich

by Greg Reese in Collaboration with Celia Farber It appears as if German lawyer, Reiner Fuellmich, who recognized the COVID crimes against humanity as early as 2020, has been set up. Fuellmich was spearheading a project known as the “Second Nuremberg”, and co-founded the Corona Investigative Committee. His Committee consulted about a hundred and fifty …[continue reading]

Rothschild’s Syria Oil Play Left Hook Archives 2019 7-29

Excerpted from my book, Nephilim Crown 5G Apocalypse, Chapter 22: Rothschild’s Syria Oil Play In February 2013, guarded by its well-paid ISIS mercenaries, New Jersey-based Genie Energy was granted an oil exploration permit in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights of southern Syria. On October 31, 2011, just as the City of London banking cartel was launching …[continue reading]