Notice of Establishment of Lienut the notice title here


A Common Law Commercial Lien

has been LAWFULLY established

between myself patrick:gleeson and

the corporation/person/individual

who accepts liability for the Name

“Antonia Mota de Sousa Horta-Osorio”

At address c/o Bank of Scotland PLC,

Unit 42 Gyle Shopping Centre ,

Gyle Avenue, Edinburgh.EH12 9JU,Scotland.

And c/o Bank of Scotland PLC, The Mound,

Edinburgh, EH1 1YZ Scotland

Herein referred as “the Tortfeaser” Thus

I am LAWFULLY able to seize goods

and assets that belong to the

Tortfeaser, up to the amount of the

Commercial Lien which is €100,000,000


This Notice is to inform, that the

Creditworthiness of this Tortfeaser is

Henceforth is highly suspect until

The Lien lapses or is by some other

Means removed.