Mayor Cheat and His Associations with Disaster Capitalism

As I write this, the full accounting of the Democrat votes in Iowa Caucus is still incomplete, more than 48 hours after the vote, in a situation that is unprecedented in a primary election but highly emblematic of the criminality and disarray of the DNC.

After midnight, I was seeing Twitter posts with official Iowa Caucus paperwork, showing that over 30% of precincts were reporting “rounding errors”, 50% of which gave the extra delegate votes to Pete Buttigieg.

A new phone app designed for the event appears to have crashed the election. The producer of the app is a shady organization called Shadow Inc., which is owned by a SuperPAC called ACRONYM, founded by Tara McGowan, the wife of Pete Buttigieg’s senior campaign strategist, Michael Halle and staffed by several veterans of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign.

According to FEC records, ACRONYM’S largest single donor is billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros, who gave them $2.6 million.

At around the 18-minute mark in this video by YouAreFreeTV, she gets into Buttigieg’s early associations with disaster capitalism, while working for the large consultancy firm, McKinsey & Company. She says that McKinsey restructured the debt in Ukraine and then went in and did the same for Puerto Rico.

“We have massive, huge companies and huge hedge funds buying up debt bonds…the hope is that you buy ’em low and you get paid off high by [entities] like US Aid, by all of the the government money coming in…

“So, that is what we’re looking at here behind Pete Buttigieg and also behind Amy Klobuchar.

“I’ve told you how she’s a huge McCainite…obviously, super-connected with everything that happened with Ukraine; that this is the background of what these people are doing.”