This update is to give you an opportunity to be part of the Ilien bonuses that will be distributed shortly. These bonuses will be distributed with everyone who has a Ilien wallet balance of at least one [1] Ilien.

Our objective is to provide an alternative to the existing debt based fiat systems. while Ilien coin is not a quick fix to one’s financial problems but rather a route to a debt-free model of  financial independence & abundance.  For those who need to trade back to  Euro or Sterling etc, our strategy is to have ILN listed on AtomicDex  where you can  trade with other currencies such as Bitcoin.   We also plan to have ILN listed with one of the Visa or Mastercard providers such as Wirex.

AtomicDEX is the world’s first mobile application to use atomic swap technology. It’s a secure, non-custodial, and fully peer-to-peer way to trade digital currencies such as Bitcoin etc

The whitepaper outlines the entirety of the Ilien project and the source of Ilien coin value;

Ilien is a stable coin as it is contractually set to the price of 1g of gold, (unlike Bitcoin, which rises and falls). The road to financial independence is through the bonuses which will be distributed up to a maximum of 12 per annum, or by the monetizing of Commercial liens for ILN Coin;

The distribution of Commercial Liens after monetization are as follows;

50% of coin are returned to the respective lien holders.

25% is issued out to wallet holders in various types of bonuses.

15% is allocated for good cause project applications,

5% is allocated for marketing with  foreign  cryptos,

5% is for administration & marketing;

To qualify for bonuses, you need an Ilien (ILN) wallet with a minimum balance of one ILN,   or you can apply for funding for good cause projects that align with the Ilien project ethos;


Currently, 3 tranches of converted liens have been put into circulation (ILN 3m+ coins)

A Tranche is a of  number of commercial liens that are monetized collectively.


The release of Tranche 1, 2 & 3 bonuses will take place after Tranche 4;

The 3 types of bonuses are detailed in the white paper on our website;

  Bonus 1, is an equal share of 10% of the conversions for wallets with 1 ILN or more;

Bonus 2, is an equal share of 10% of the conversions for wallets with 50 ILN or more;

Bonus 3m is a pro-rata share of 5% of the conversions for the top 500 wallets of ILN coin;

No Ilien (ILN) wallet balance   =   no bonus!

Total Ilien bonus coin from tranche 1, 2 & 3 to be distributed after Tranche 4  =   300,000  Ilien


To qualify;

– open an Ilien wallet and to get Ilien (ILN) coin into your wallet by trading or investing;   

– Coin can be ordered from a third party (WG Publishing) – (link in Ilien website) or here;


Some good cause projects have linked up with this third party (WG Publishing) to sell some of their allocated ILN to fund the fiat side of their projects;


Project targets to be addressed in the short term, and the general order they will follow:

  • Have  Ilien listed on  AtomicDex, the Komodo decentralized  exchange.          There are no plans to list on centralized exchanges (CEX), due to global registration rules and requirements.  ie: KYC
  • Have Iln listed on VerusCoin mobile app.
  • Monetise Tranche 4 liens and put coin into circulation.
  • Issue out the Tranche 1, 2 & 3 bonuses to wallet holders that hold the required balance.
  • Liaise with global debit card providers to get Ilien listed on their debit card.
  • Long term – an agreed and seamless handover from current Ilien team to master node

teams after Tranche 9.


The main goals achieved to date:

Ilien has its own secure & tested blockchain in operation.

The Ilien blockchain is on the Komodo platform, with all the benefits of  same.

Ilien coin is listed on the secure Komodo/VerusCoin Agama wallet;

The 1st foreign coin bonus from Tranche 1 was given to Komodo (in spring 2019)

3 Tranches of liens have been contractually converted, releasing 3m+ ILN coin into    circulation;

ILN debt free value contractually tethered on conversion to the price of 1g of Gold;

Circa 10 Good Cause projects on foot of approved applications have been issued to date;

    Whitepaper is now live on our website,  and  CRM type applications system are being tested on the website, for lien and good cause applications

Investor Portal for ILN Coin Purchase:


Third party agent (WG Publishing) is selling/exchanging ILN coin through medium of gold rate   at;    



Need to download ILN (verus) wallet here:        

Need help setting up your wallet;                              ilien-wallet-setup-instructions/


Ilien Website;