Join the Ilien Crypto Project…

The Ilien Project;

When you join in the  Ilien project you will receive ilien bonus coin from    

Ilien Bonuses:   The next  Ilien Bonus will be distributed on 31 August 2020

Details of the bonus distribution amounts will be announced  on Discord   ( ;

The Ilien team would like to thank all, who have participated and supported the project to date;

Maximum BONUSES per annum:   12.         


Exchange rate:       August  7  2020:      €51.38 per coin

Rate will be  €54.38 per coin  or  the current price whichever is the lower,        offer valid for  24 hrs                                                                          Check the current gold price at:   

To purchase Ilien coin click the  link:     “JOIN HERE”

Ilien Coin will be transferred to your wallet within 24 hrs 

Please ensure your wallet address is correct & you have backed up your private keys. 

Download your  ilien (verus) wallet here   (for Windows):      ilien ILN  Wallet

Need help setting up your wallet watch tis video:                                                                                                                        Ilien wallet coin setup instructions       

Ilien verus FAQ


All funds  invested in  Ilien Coin are returned to and  are utilized to promote the use & awareness of  ilien’s  “debt free”  coin. 

  For more information on ilien click the following link: