Ilien Wallet Coin setup. step by step instructions


                                                             Agama Wallet set up.

Download Verus-Enhanced Agama  zip file (current version v0.6.1) suitable to your system (windows/mac) using this link

  1. After downloading right click on zip file & click “Extract files”
  2. This will create a folder “Agama-Windowns-v0.6.1” or “Agama-Mac-v0.6.1”)
  3. Open this folder & the subfolder
  4. Right-click on the Agama application (4th item down) & send it to desktop.
  5. Go to the desktop & double click icon to open Agama wallet.


  1. Have a pen and paper to write down your new password/pin at 6 and 8 below, or
  2. Open a new note or a word document to save your new Agama/ilien wallet private details/Keys later.

When Agama wallet opens

  1. Click on “activate coin”.
  2. Type or select ILN from select option and press activate coin.  
  3. Scroll down & Click on “Create new wallet”.
  4. Copy wallet seed. (24 Words)
  5. Paste wallet seed on second line.
  6. “Seed encrypt key (pin)”   Create a password  on this line (write down and keep private/safe)  
  7. Insert same password/pin on next line seed encrypt key to confirm.
  8. Create a wallet name (e.g. JohnDoeWallet) no spaces and insert on custom pin wallet name line.
  9. Click on register.
  10. After you register “sign in” using your wallet name & password
  11. You now have created a new Agama/Ilien wallet.
  12. Click on the 3 bars on the top right to access the menu.
  13. Click on settings.
  14. Click on Export keys. (3 down)
  15. Insert the password you created at no 6 above.
  16. Click on Get seed and wif keys in orange box.
  17. Scroll down and you will see your 24 word Seed & 52 character Wif keys .
  18. Copy Seed & Wif keys and paste it on the Note/Word document you opened at G above.
  19. Copy ILN public Address (34 characters) and paste it on the Note/Word document you opened at G above.
  20. Save your Note/Word document with your Seed/wif and address keys. KEEP THESE PRIVATE AND SAFE as this is what gives access to your wallet.
  21. Click on the Menu (3 bars on top right) and select soft log out.
  22. Log back in to your wallet.
  23. Select wallet name. (one you created at 8 above.
  24. Insert your password (one you created at 6 above).
  25. Click on sign in.
  26. You have now set up your Agama/ilien wallet and is ready to use.

Ps:      Wallet name & password  works on the pc that was used to create the wallet

             To access your wallet from a different PC  use your   wif key

            Need help click here: