Have you seen the massive protests in Berlin and Paris?

We truly are living in clown world these days with a biased, pro-eu, globalist media constantly pumping out propaganda. The BBC has a budget of of £4.7 Billion, Sky has a budget of £6.8 billion and ITV has a budget of £1.9 Billion. NONE of them mentioned the massive tractor protests erupting across Europe on their evening news broadcasts. Note only that but as my colleague David Clews showed they didn’t even mention it on their websites in the world section! Hopefully you will have seen our videos that have thankfully been seen hundreds of thousands of times on social media.
This is genuinely like something out of North Korea, how can they possibly say this isn’t news worthy when the two main capitals of Europe were ground to a halt by working class people who are sick of globalist policies? Can you imagine this was an LGBTQ+ etc demonstration or Greta Thunberg had organised a mass blockade? They would have all been over there in a shot, 1st class and staying in hotels might we add, and broadcasting it wall to wall. We must all keep exposing their sick agenda!
Unlike the joke, BBC who gets money by threatening people with court, UNN relies on everyday people supporting us with donations or buying at our shop. They hate the fact our videos can get just as many views as they can on social media and that is why they try hit pieces on us all the time to try and get us deplatformed.
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