The Truth Factory has released her latest about the Climate Hoax.

TTF is such a smarty pants and has such a wonderfully dry sense of humor. This is the first in a series of two videos she’s putting out about today’s highly-politicized climate controversy.

The good news is that the Earth is better than ever in some ways. The bad news is that the Globalist banksters have incentivized or otherwise paid off the elites in various sectors to propagate this alarmist narrative because they want to pump and dump the next Mortgage-Backed Securities bubble using “cap ‘n trade” carbon units.

They want to make financial derivatives out of every BTU we generate. Literally, every cow fart shall be financialized, as described in the Green New Deal.

They also want to keep people in developing countries undeveloped and underfoot, perhaps to weaponize them against the denizens of the industrialized world. These are the ulterior motives of the climate movement, unbeknownst to the vast majority of those who support it.

Her next video will focus on the monumental fraud represented by initiatives like the Climate Finance Partnership with BlackRock Capital, HSBC, JPMorgan-Chase and Citigroup’s Blended Finance Task Force, who are betting on profits in ‘climate-related sectors’ – and the 23 multinational corporations at the G8 Climate Change Roundtable, including Ford, Toyota, British Airways, BP and Unilever, who have all called for carbon trading systems to be established.

This video, however focuses on the good news.

She says, “It’s estimated that by the end of the century, global biomass will have increased by 40% and since we’re also currently experiencing warmer temperatures, this creates longer growing seasons and faster growth rates for plants.

“Longer growing seasons means more CO2 from the atmosphere will be metabolized by these plants [according to NASA models]…In fact, plants are converting 31% more carbon dioxide into organic matter than they were before the Industrial Revolution. This means that we’re getting far more food from each acre of land than we were a century ago.”

The climate is changing – and it has been for billions of years. She says, “I would actually be far more worried if the climate stopped changing…

“While greenhouse gases get a bad rep, without them, Earth would be an ice ball and life as we know it simply wouldn’t exist… CO2 is not a toxin. It’s essential for all life on Earth…

“So, while it’s true that CO2 has taken a sharp increase over the past 40 years…CO2 makes up only 400 parts per million or 0.04% of Earth’s atmosphere and human activity makes up only 3.5% of all CO2 emitted each year, with the rest occurring naturally.

“Theoretically, the amount of manmade…CO2 in the atmosphere has only prevented the Earth from cooling itself by about 1%. That doesn’t mean that this increase in CO2 can’t have any effect but it also doesn’t necessarily mean it’s responsible for astronomical warming – or that it’s even a bad thing.

“In fact, our current CO2 levels and temperatures are actually very low, when compared to the vast majority of Earth’s history, with the notable exception of 300 million years ago, during the late Carboniferous Period, which closely resembles our current climate. And just like today, this was in a period of major cooling.

“At this time, atmospheric CO2 dipped down to around [our current levels of] 350 to 400 parts per million, as carbon was sucked into the Earth. This is ironically responsible for the formation of coal that we burn today, that releases some of that CO2 back into the atmosphere.

“Climate alarmists say that it’s imperative that we lower our current atmospheric CO2 and cool the Earth, even though we know from the end of [the Carboniferous Period], as CO2 concentrations continued to drop, so did plant diversity – and Earth was only inches away from being locked into a snowball state, killing almost everything on it…

“The Earth was only spared from becoming a popsicle by lucky natural occurrences, including the appearance of termites, which still to this day are responsible for about 2% of all CO2 in our atmosphere.

“So, what happens if Earth continues to warm and CO2 continues to rise…?

“We can estimate that during the Cambrian Explosion, CO2 levels were up to 17 times higher, at about 7,000 parts per million and this was considered the advent of modern life. These high temperatures and CO2 levels were essential for the creation of many major groups of animals that still exist today that developed within the first 40 million years of this era.

“If we look back 55 million years ago, during the Paleocene Thermal Maximum or PETM there was a large influx of CO2 and methane thrust into our atmosphere. The CO2 levels doubled in a short period of time and temperatures rose five to eight degrees Celsius and it was much warmer than than it is today…

“This increased temperature and CO2 levels dramatically boosted biodiversity over a short period of time. It was these warm, humid conditions that allowed the earliest true primates to appear and flourish.”

Historically, warming periods are associated with cultural development and prosperity, as seen during the Roman Empire and the Renaissance, which were each interceded by mini ice ages that brought famine, disease and societal collapse.

In the past 35 years, there has been an observable greening effect in up to half of Earth’s vegetated lands. TTF cites a new study that estimates 70% of this greening effect is caused by increased levels of CO2. In the last century, plants have been growing at a rate far faster than in any time in the last 50,000 years.

Ironically, climate alarmists are fighting this greening effect!

The motivations behind Globalist climate initiatives are not in the interests of the common people. We must help our climate activist friends awaken to how they’re being used by the Corporo-Fascist Globalist banksters to promote an agenda that is anti-human.