‘Do not trust the medical or the national security establishment!’ … with guest Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Nephew of President John F. Kennedy, son of Robert F. Kennedy, and tireless crusader against the tyranny of the mainstream medical establishment, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joins today’s Liberty Report to discuss his startling discoveries about who really killed his father and uncle…and why. Plus, Mr. Kennedy, an environmental lawyer, has been among the most …[continue reading]

The Brookings Hand Behind Russiagate Points Back to Rhodes Trust Coup on America

An incredible report on Real Clear Politics by Paul Sperry on July 24 has revealed a new dimension to the Russiagate frenzy that contaminated American politics for the last four years. While all claims of Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin have been thoroughly debunked over recent months, it was believed that the culprits of …[continue reading]

Senators receive expenses for period when Seanad was closed

Senators have been awarded expenses for April and May of this year, despite the fact the Seanad was closed at the time.   €240,000 was divided among 48 senators, averaging around €4,000 each. Sittings were delayed for 90 days after the general election in March due to the Covid-19 crisis and until a new Taoiseach …[continue reading]

Circle of White Light podcast with Guest – Becky Barron – Sunday 9th August 2020

Becky is a healer and investigator on how the matrix works against us. Becky has also discovered how consciousness works and how we create our own reality through our own consciousness and how that is being interfered with and how we can gain our own individual reality back. EMBED A VIDEO (Optional): https://eu5.fastcast4u.com:2197/ondemand/cowlradio/071_ShowSeventyOne_CircleOfWhiteLightRadio_BeckyBarron_09082020.mp3

Operation Green Light,POTUS Insulated & Protected,Time To Take The Country Back – Episode 2244b

The [DS]/MSM have been setup from the beginning. They fell right into the patriots trap and they didn’t even know it. Now it’s to late. The people are awake, they know and it is almost show time. Trump sent a message, the will be insulated and protected, it’s time to take the country back . …[continue reading]