There are many physicians and healthcare practitioners who subscribe to this newsletter, so I think many of you reading this may appreciate this video by Canadian naturopath, Amandha Vollmer.


“This is what they’re using to detect in your body and to make a positive test result, okay?

“This is their sequencing, their primary assembly – now, over here, this is Homo sapiens – that’s humans!

“Chromosome 8. Primary Assembly Chromosome 8 is this sequence CTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT – very specific and over here, CTGCTCCCTTTGTTGTGTTGT.

“What what they are doing, is calling our Chromosome 8 Primary Assembly as the ‘coronavirus’.

“We are the virus. Your own DNA – like I’ve been saying, like I’ve been teaching, here’s the evidence that what they are pulling out of your body and calling a disease – is your own DNA.

“This should really help you, okay to understand the scam at hand, here and if you can’t see this, if you go, ‘Oh, blah blah blah!’ Go away. Go take the vaccine.

“Leave! Please. Because you’re too dumb to exist. Really. Alright? Go back to the soil. Start over.

“But for those of us with a thinking brain. This should help you understand the Big Scamola…

“So, Gardasil syndrome – you can read about it more. This is basically poison. This is not protecting you from anything. There’s no HPV. Your body makes these things in response to injury. Your body makes these things with your own DNA inside of it or RNA, to send to an area that has damage

“If your cervix has been damaged, either by sex either by inflammation, either by some sort of imbalance in the tissues; acidity in the tissues, chronic inflammation, what happens is, your cells, your pleomorphic cells change shape to go and take the information to repair those cells to the area and that’s your own DNA.

“It’s your own DNA. They’re tool boxes of repair. And of course, once the job is done, it will shed or it will just be present or be reabsorbed, if it doesn’t need to shed.

“But if you want to go and do a scraping, what are you going to find, there? You’re going to find these particles of your own DNA in the area, that’s trying to repair it.

“And these dumb mofos, who can’t think, who call themselves ‘doctors’, who call themselves ‘intelligent’, they are so confused. They’re in such a cult. They’re so brainwashed. They’re so dumbed-down.

“They can’t see what’s right before them – and what’s right before them is the evidence, the effect of a healing.

“They think every symptom is a disease. They think they suppress it and they kill it.

“They can’t get their head around it, because they’ve been brainwashed by these clowns; by the WHO and all their cronies, okay? So this is important for you to understand, okay?

“It’s important that you realize that this is evidence of what I’m talking about and have been talking about for years; that the material we are finding, that we or they are calling ‘viruses’ is nothing more than your own DNA.

“And why do you think they’re getting such false positives out of this crappy test? Because, you all have this in your body and at any given point in time, your body is going to repair this piece of information, especially if you have inflammation; especially if you’re having exudate of the lungs; you’re having a clear-out or a detox of the lungs, which is what a cold and flu is: it’s a detox.

“It’s getting rid of waste. If you detox your body ahead of time, you don’t get sick, you don’t get these things. It’s not contagious. You don’t catch anything. You don’t get anything. You get triggered into detoxes, that’s all it is.

“And so, when you’re detoxing and they find these particles that have come to the area to repair your cells, they make a cartoon of it and they tell you it’s floating through the air and it’s going to kill you.

“You’re being punked. You’re being lied to. This is a hoax. This is a Trojan Horse for a Socialist takeover, okay?

“I don’t know how much more clearly I can explain it to you than this.”