COWSPIRACY – The Sustainability Secret in about 15 minutes (Short Version)

This is the short version of the eye opening documentary “Cowspiracy – The Sustainability Secret”. This is an unofficial version and I don’t in anyway claim this to be an official version of the documentary. This is a must watch documentary to know about the impacts our day to day activities causes on the planet. …[continue reading]

AIM Truth Bits Citizens Addicted to Truth

In this post we are looking at a treasure trove of info of what looks to be the beginnings of BIG PHARMA… as well as state-sponsored mass murder by traveling “doctors” and special biochemical “medicine” chests. Are we looking at a deliberate intent by UK imperialists to use deadly chemicals on unsuspecting populations … since …[continue reading]

Film: Mushrooms Heal You and the Planet

Note: This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment provided by a qualified healthcare provider. Mushrooms would appear to be unlikely candidates to heal our bodies, souls, and planet Earth. Who knew they have an ancient global communication system that detoxifies the planet and creates …[continue reading]

An Overview of the World System of Bondage and Separation from Life”, an article by kenneth scott World history is the story of how all the people in the world have been placed into individual indentured trusts that bond their future labour to underwrite the perpetual monetized debt system.   Without proper status, we have no standing or the capacity to affect change for ourselves, our families, our communities, our society …[continue reading]

Special Memo: G7 Circus Diverts Attention From New Central Bankster Swindle

By Harley Schlanger The G7 nations engaged in a three-ring circus of obfuscation, while demonstrating a convincing display of their institutional policy bankruptcy, at their August 24-26 summit in Biarritz, France, where they sidestepped discussion of the real issues facing humanity, by avoiding any discussion of the single, defining matter before mankind: The irreversible bankruptcy …[continue reading]