Linda Moulton Howe – What is ‘New Science of Heaven’?

TOPICS: What Is “New Science of Heaven”?

The Sirius Mystery – is there an ancient historic link to aliens from Sirius and the ancient Mesopotamians?

Interview with Robert Temple, PhD

– Author of new book, “A New Science of Heaven”

– The universe is 99.99% plasma

– Plasma can generate magnetic and electric fields

– Comet West was a plasma comet, visible in daylight

– “everything about plasma is charged”

– “plasma is the basic matter of the universe, but it isn’t atomic matter”

– “when we die… we revert back to the plasma world”

– “the sun must be intelligent…because it’s made of plasma”

– “death flash…and life flash”

– “there is a flash at the moment of conception”

– “bio photons..the body emits photons spontaneously”

– “there are streams of light along the acupuncture meridians”

– “it is YOU that is in that death flash”

– “there are plasma beings that are equivalent to angels”

Life may flash before your eyes at the moment of death

BOOKS: A New Science of Heaven By Robert Temple The Sirius Mystery By Robert K. G. Temple