3 | IRISH ELIXIR | The Irish + Daoist Alchemy of Raising the Christ Oil within

The heart of the series, the thesis, the quest. Born after walkabout in Ireland; the realization that her shape macrocosmically mirrors the Ne Jing Tu; Daoist alchemy hidden in plain sight upon the Emerald Isle. A tiny island with secrets and a dark history including the theft of the Bible, the books country of origin. Claims made by Conor MacDari, a father and son duo reveal that when the Hebrew Bible Is translated back into Old Irish, the spiritual journey of the adept is presented through language. The Magian Adept Priesthood of Ancient Eire. The keepers of wisdom who spread the message of the inner journey of the sun seeker all over the world for the benefit everyone. Inspecting the megaliths of this ancient and mysterious land and the natural phenomenon of the mountains, lakes, rivers, streams and cave systems; Linking them anatomically to acupuncture meridians and human organs, the pathway of the Micro Cosmic Orbit containing the sun moon rhythm inside the Three Cauldrons of the Human Alchemical Laboratory is recollected. Three parts, one whole. IRELAND | BIBLE | DAOIST ALCHEMY Raising Christos is alive inside the Irish, Biblical, Daoist cypher. The blueprint of Creation, the original Garden of Eden is awoken from her slumber and returned to her rightful place in history. MY WEBSITE | https://www.anayasciencewitch.com BOOKS | https://www.anayasciencewitch.com/books DONATIONS WELCOME! | https://www.anayasciencewitch.com/don… ANAYASCIENCEWITCH FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TELEGRAM