“YOU Have Been Monetized – It’s a Fundamentally Evil Monetary System” – Mike Maloney

More at http://www.ggsr21.com “The entire world monetary system can be summed up in just six letters: I.O.U. Y.O.U. (I OWE YOU..YOU!) All banks, whether they are commercial banks or central banks, do not lend anything that already exists. Instead, they just imagine a number, and then they lend it to you…with interest. This gets even more insane as we go, it truly is crazy…this is fundamentally an evil system that transfers wealth from the many to the few. Central bankers have used currency creation to warp our financial system right in front of our eyes… And it’s all backed by the full faith and credit of you, the general public. The work you must perform in the future to pay your mortgage, auto loan, credit cards, and taxes, is what instills faith in the currency we use everyday. YOU give the currency value. In essence, you have been monetized. Mike Maloney calls it the “greatest theft in human history.” If it sounds confusing, it’s that way by design. The powers that be have deliberately made the financial system as confusing as possible, to the point where most people give up out of frustration. But Mike explains everything you need to know in today’s video. He walks you step by step exactly how this system works, and the best ways you can protect your wealth moving forward. It’s truly one of the most important lessons you need to understand about our monetary system.