World Exclusive: Everything You Wanted to Know About Secret Biolabs in Ukraine, Now Revealed!

DOD Operation Warp Speed confirms – pathogens are made in the labs. It’s ok when WE do it! It’s to save grandma and for warfighter readiness…


I have been asked so many times about “secret” biolabs in Ukraine, that I got annoyed enough to locate this document on the official Ukrainian parliament (Rada) website.

Freedom warriors are spinning stories about brave Putin revealing the evil biolabs, but apparently they can’t be bothered to use search and auto translate…

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Here is the document in question (in Ukrainian): the agreement between Ukraine and US, signed in August 2005, that turns over the control of the Ukrainian biolabs that store and work with “pathogens” to the US government. Link to auto English translation.

Despite this change of control over Ukrainian biolabs nearly 20 years ago, just a few days ago this information was presented on Twitter as earthshattering news (again, I must add): “Russian authorities assert that the bio-research initiatives undertaken by the US Defense Department in Ukraine necessitate a thorough legal review, including scrutiny by pertinent international organizations.”

Putin found the Ukrainian Rada website, at last!


Here’s a summary of the 2005 Ukraine-US agreement on Ukrainian biolabs:

Agreement between the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the U.S. Department of Defense: The agreement is a part of the Framework Agreement signed in 1993 between Ukraine and the United States of America on assistance to Ukraine in the elimination of strategic nuclear weapons and the prevention of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The agreement focuses on preventing the spread of technologies, pathogens and knowledge that can be used in the development of biological weapons in Ukraine, especially at the facilities designated by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Assistance provided by the U.S. Department of Defense: The U.S. Department of Defense will provide free assistance to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the amount of 15 million U.S. dollars, subject to the availability of funds allocated for this purpose. The assistance may include, but is not limited to, assistance for joint research into biology, identification and response to hazardous biological agents, and improved protection, control, and reporting of biological materials to reduce the risk of theft or unauthorized use of hazardous pathogens located at facilities in Ukraine. The U.S. Department of Defense may also provide other types of assistance by written agreement with the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Obligations and responsibilities of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine: The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will use the assistance exclusively for the purpose of preventing the proliferation of biological weapons, and will not divert or transfer it to any other use or recipient. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will facilitate verification and inspections by the U.S. Department of Defense of the materials, training and services provided under the agreement. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine will also transfer copies of dangerous pathogens and information obtained from the Infectious Disease Surveillance Network to the U.S. Department of Defense for joint research in preventive, protective and peaceful purposes.

All of this in exchange for $15 million. LOL. Major LOL! This is embarrassing. For comparison, Robert Malone got $20+M to conduct just one fake study… Who negotiated that deal? I hope they got a bit more cash since 2005. It appears they did: A contract for “infrastructure development” was awarded by DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency, yes, that’s DOD), to Labyrinth Global Health, including a subaward for “covid research” in Ukraine in 2019. According to Labyrinth’s website it appears to be a “global consultancy” which facilitates “private public partnerships” in various regions of the world = a conduit for US Government and DOD capturing healthcare government agencies and any research/manufacturing facilities abroad with money and contracts, so that they are all “aligned” with the US global objectives. It is not clear what “covid research” in 2019 in Ukraine entailed, but judging from Labyrinth’s stated business activities, it does not appear to be making viruses/toxins, but rather “facilitating”, training staff, giving grants for propaganda papers, and market research/surveys about pandemic topics. In other words, teach the locals to brainwash themselves for the US/globalist purposes. Just to recap this article so far:

  • Since 2005, all biolab facilities in Ukraine have been under the US Government and DOD control. For world peace reasons, of course, you understand.


Next, let’s test your biolab awareness. What do you think goes on at these dangerous, remote, secret locations? They obtain, store, grow and experiment with deadly pathogens, right?

Do you mean like this? DOD press conference, March 5, 2020:


Thank you

for the video and the post which includes full transcript:

DemocracyManifest Substack
Pentagon Presser – 5 March 2020
[This post includes a raw transcript and screenshots/ quotes from the March 5, 2020 media event where U.S. “Military Medical Leaders” discussed “whole of government” efforts for the development of vaccines and other “countermeasures” against Covid-19. The relevant links – for DoD and C-SPAN websites – are at the end of this post. A PDF of the transcript…
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Note: If you are triggered by the word “virus” into a ritual “virus-no-isolated!!!” screaming fest, feel free to do it now…

While you are at it, here is an idea for you – did you FOIA Col Wendy Sammons-Jackson for the “sample of the pathogen” she claims she has? Did you write letters to Ft. Dietrich demanding proof of virus isolation? Do that instead of wasting everyone’s time on silly internet fights.

Let’s take a few minutes…


Now that everyone is back from the screaming break, what is meant by “growing, making or culturing pathogen” is a variety of lab and scale biomanufacturing techniques, that boil down to synthesizing, mass producing and stabilizing bio-chemical molecules of toxic substances in a variety of delivery formulations. When Col Wendy says “we have received the pathogen” – she means she has the specification of the chemical they need to produce (its formula/model) and a set of assays that they need to monitor/control this production. During the presser the DOD team refers to 1 (one!) US patient from Washington state from whom the alleged sample was derived. Even if that really happened, a sample of one is absolutely meaningless for anything – diagnostic, treatment or vaccine development. And I strongly suspect that 1 “sample” was only necessary to check the “bioweapons treaty exemption” box that allows the activity she is describing (making biological toxins) as “defense, infectious disease research), rather than making of prohibited weapons. The production of these prohibited substances was necessary for seeding the subsequent “pandemic” and OWS theatrics that it enabled.

For those of you who want to believe that making “virus stock” was a small-scale, scientific necessity for the DOD, permitted by the bioweapons convention as an exception… Ft Dietrich was not the only place to manufacture “the pathogen”. The DOD contracted with commercial manufacturing facilities to grow “WIV Covid-19 virus stock” – covid countermeasures contract awarded to Protein Biosciences. Note that the contract states that the 1st case of transmission in the US was identified on January 30, and in 2 weeks, by February 14, this contract is already negotiated, signed, executed and orders Protein Biosciences (subsidiary of Sanofi) to make Wuhan Covid-19 virus stock (bank)! Didn’t they jump the gun just a tad here? Why were they proliferating this “dangerous pathogen” by making many orders of magnitude more of it vs what was in circulation in the US at the time (zero)?

The contract is extremely heavily redacted, and the $ amount of the award is unknown.

As you can see, covid “origin” is not a secret, and it was never a secret. Screaming “Fauci-covered-it-up!” – yes, you guessed it, it’s a clown show to pretend the Congress doesn’t know where covid “virus” originated, after decades of funding this activity and passing laws that enable and reward it. IMO, this is THE reason Fauci is the highest paid federal employee. I actually think he is appropriately compensated for being the “chew toy” diversion from the Pandemic Preparedness Cartel.


Why is the issue of the Ukrainian biolabs relevant?

For those who haven’t noticed yet, Ukraine was sold to the US a long time ago, dismantled as an independent state, turned into a puppet vassal of the US, pillaged for its resources (the most fertile land in the world being one of the key ones), and now it is being purged of its people via “not-war” funded by us, the American taxpayers. In 2005 this sale included the “biolab” facilities, too. I am quite sure they got tech upgrades and since then have been working on some really stupid and evil stuff. However, the most important function they play is the diversion from the main perpetrators of the global covid crime. Being a convenient place far away from the real criminals to frown, finger point and demand money and legal ability to commit murder here in the US in the name of “pandemic preparedness”. In case something dangerous gets “leaked” from those bad actors over there!

Watch and learn from the Expert:


The evil genius of the Pandemic Preparedness Plan (DARPA-DTRA brainchild) is to proliferate bio-chemical weapons research and production EVERYWERE, completely in the open, in every major academic research center and pharmaceutical company in the US and abroad by calling it “preparedness”, “protection”, “save the granny” exercise. Then fear monger via massive propaganda of “viral pandemics” or “bad actor attacks” (that never happen by themselves). Then fake those pandemics and reap massive rewards in money and power. A trillion dollar industry has grown from this, and of course it has numerous staunch advocates that defend its interests right inside the “freedom community”.

Can we please stop finger pointing at remote literal shitholes surviving on a dollar a day, while right here our gleaming military virus warriors openly brag about cooking covid “stocks”? Don’t get me wrong, only bad actors cook virus stocks to make more virus! The good guys cook virus stocks for making countermeasures in 60 days for a [faked] pandemic response.

Numerous biolabs including UNC Chapel Hill, Boston University, Harvard, MIT, Fort Dietrich/Walter Reed, and hundreds of civilian academic centers in the US and western military-allied/controlled countries are working with and engineering “deadly pathogens” all the time (note: in their press releases they are deadly and highly transmissible, but in reality – it’s largely false narratives for pandemic preparedness fear mongering).

The Little Known Weird Trick: You Can Train the Sheep to Scare Themselves.

The Little Known Weird Trick: You Can Train the Sheep to Scare Themselves.

14 Jan

“Dangerous pathogens” leak from a US biolab every other day (200 times a year according to CDC). Nothing happens, of course, until DOD desperately needs to commercialize their precious poison IP in a “live exercise” and announces a national security threat!

Audio recording leaked from AstraZeneca: Covid was classified a national security threat by the US Government/DOD on February 4, 2020.

Audio recording leaked from AstraZeneca: Covid was classified a national security threat by the US Government/DOD on February 4, 2020.

7 Feb

AFTER the announcement they proceed to cooking the stocks of said deadly pathogen. I am certain this cooking goes on in the US military-allied locations and subcontracting places all over the world, and that’s how we arrive at the “virus circulating the globe” AFTER, but not before the announced “global pandemic”.

Col Wendy on March 5, 2020, BEFORE covid or its impact registered in the US:

AFTER Col Wendy started “growing and culturing the pathogen”:

I hope this article explained everything you needed to know about biolabs in Ukraine and elsewhere.