Canadian journalist, lecturer and historian, Matthew Ehret joins Seth Holehouse to give us an empowering historical perspective on the fairly frantic precipice where we find ourselves today.

Matt has such a wonderful talent for making history exciting and relevant to us in the present and he has such a mastery of the topic of the enemies of humankind, that to hear him break it down is exhilarating and cathartic and very worthy of your precious time.

Matt cautions against locating the causality of evil, whether now or in the past in something ethnic or genetic. However, without using the specific term, he does say that the Black Nobility forms a major component of the enemies of humanity.


European aristocratic families known as the Black Nobility control the Vatican and all of the major religions and cults, the world’s governments, their militaries and intelligence agencies; the corporations, the Khazarian Mafia (aka “Court Jews”) and all of the major criminal gangs and drug cartels who have now taken over the US Southern Border, aspects of many of local state governments and federal agencies.

The Black Nobility is the foundation of the global crime syndicate that controls this planet.

These same lineages have been infiltrating, building, milking, destroying and at war with America since Day 1.


Matt begins by talking about how the American Revolution of 1776 was a watershed miracle in world history and then asking why did it fail in France?

It’s an interesting question, being that the French had actively supported the American Revolution, philosophically, with supplies, financially and with troops.

The problem for the everyday French citizen is that their territory is an ancient roost for these enemies of humanity and the same goes for most countries on the planet.


Matt says, “Benjamin Franklin’s collaborators – he had worked for decades to organize a network of trustworthy leaders across France, after the success of the American Revolution, who would go back and replicate the successes in the Old World – and it failed!”

He says that things went kinetic in just a few months in 1789 and before you knew it, all of these key figures who had played a role in making the American Revolution a success were in prison or beheaded.

Something happened that had turned the French Revolution into a Jacobin bloodbath of Mob Rule, where all scientists were dubbed “elitists” and got their heads chopped off.

After 5 years of civil war, so many thousands of people were killed that anyone with qualifications was dead and the vacuum had to be filled by something – and that something was Napoleon, who was funded by the Rothschilds, aka the City of London bankers.

Napoleon proceeded to wage war in Europe for 23 years, souring the people on any idea of a “republic”, causing them to yearn for any kind of stability – and this resulted in the Restoration of the Bourbon Monarchy – and the restoration of an oligarchical, autocratic model.

“Problem-Reaction-Solution”, as David Icke is wont to say.

The Bourbons are probably the apex predators of the Black Nobility, in my opinion.

After that, there was a massive clampdown across Europe, with the Carlsbad Decrees, where art and literature were censored and banned as “insurgent” and all of the freedom-loving, industrious Germans and other Europeans left for America, much to the latter’s benefit, greatly helping to build-out the infrastructures of the young nation.

The oligarchical combine telegraphs its activities at institutions that are familiar to us, such as the World Economic Forum, the Bilderberger Group, The Royal Institute of International Affairs (aka Chatham House), etc.

Matt notes, “Henry Kissinger, just as he was being brought into the Bilderberger Group in the 1950s, he had already been a student under William Yandell Elliott, the Rhodes Scholar/ controller who ran the Chatham House-of-Harvard operation in the USA.”

He explains how Rhodes Scholars are brainwashed at Oxford and sent back to various parts of the world to work toward a One World Government – which really means to restore the British Empire – and to undermine such things as the American Revolution or any other nation-state desirous of exercising its sovereignty.

He continues, “So, that’s the way the Rhodes Scholarship system has kind of worked over the past century and Kissinger’s mentor was one of these high-level operatives who trained Zbigniew Brzezinski, Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Samuel P Huntington.

“So Kissinger, the first thesis that he writes, that becomes his entry into the higher clubs is his assessment of the Congress of Vienna of 1815, which he points out is the high point of human civilization, which we should aspire to organize the current drive for a New World Order in the 1950s, when he’s writing this, is the role model of the Congress of Vienna.

“So, a lot of people don’t realize the meaning of the weight of what that means, because that defines everything he does for the next 70 years of his overly-productive, evil life.

“Really, it’s this idea – and he goes through it – of what Castlereagh-Metternich, the oligarchical high command, they were able to create a system of maximum stasis, no change, maximum control – at least, for a period – of an elite class of masters to lord over a bigger class of slave families within a system of relative agreement to keep populations – and thoughts – in a cage.

“So that’s the revamping that he was carrying out under people like David Rockefeller, Nelson Rockefeller, who brought him into the Rockefeller Commission of 1956 that ran the Rockefeller Report, which is still classified but we’ve got certain sanitized public executive summaries that have been released, basically going through ‘How will America be converted into or play a role in the New World Order, which again, Nelson Rockefeller, David Henry Luce, the Time Magazine big Fascist. They’re all part of this committee. Laurence Rockefeller is a key guy and Kissinger, that’s one of his first gigs.

“And this is the thing: We’re always played Left vs Right; the Jacobins vs the Girondais…they just play people off each other with these techniques of the human condition.

“With that, one is able to better get into what is behind the Middle East, all of the problems of the Middle East, going back to the 1890s, when the British High Command started putting on a lot of hardcore anti-Semitic Fascists, like Lord Balfour, who despised the Jews, were all putting into motion a project to try to convince the Jews to all go live in the desert in a very volatile, controlled zone.

“Lord Balfour, Lloyd George, Lord Chamberlain, Lord Milner – the controller of the Round Table, the co-author of the Balfour Accords, they’re all anti-Semites who despise the Jews, they want to purge the world of Jews – except for ‘good’ Jews, who are more adaptive to the type of oligarchical cultural mode that they want to create – and they work with certain people like Walter Rothschild, who’s a useful moneybags – but never lives in Israel. Never. Never!

“He bought land there to try to help other Jews on the lower rungs go there but he never lived there. No Rothschild lived in Israel! Because it was never supposed to be something that was going to be a stable area.

“It was designed – you’re going to go into a region and then create a geopolitical zone of chaos around which the major civilizational states of the world; Asia, Africa, Russia, Eurasia, Central Asia, Europe, all intersect in this little teeny zone off the Mediterranean. It’s a geopolitical pivot…that’s how they see it.


“So, any ideology you can cultivate, that will maximize chaos in that zone will ensure a better divide-to-conquer strategy, so that no danger of civilizational states working together in opposition to an imperial force will ever occur.


“In my view, there’s a material component to the oligarchy that does tie into primarily the old families of Europe, like the old nobilities.

“Some of them are monarchs, other ones just happen to be part of the lords and various noble families of Italy, especially, some of whom can go trace their lineage back to Emperor Claudius, like the Orsini family; many doges, leading members of the Roman Senate – of the Roman Empire – have a direct continuity of leading families who are inheritors of what are called “family fondi”, the family trusts that are what keep and maintain the multigenerational traditions amongst these governing classes – which is unfortunate, because I think a lot of these children are highly abused and groomed to become broken of something human in order to become managers of the system that they were born into. It’s kind of a sick thing…

“They’ve developed certain necessary arts of infiltration and perversion-of-anything – whether it’s the Christian matrix, the Muslim, the Jewish – anything that’s an institution, religious or political, they have certain techniques that I’ve already been alluding to, that will be applied to turning it into its opposite or bring out the worst elements of anything, to destroy it from within – or just use it for a period before destroying it for its benefit.”


Kind of like what they’re doing to their the West, right now!

Matt explains that what the oligarchy simply wants to do is to bring back feudalism and to undermine any type of faith in a monotheistic, reasonable, loving Creator, such as expressed in Christianity and in movements within other Abrahamic faiths, where God is seen not as a tyrant but as a reasonable, loving God, who we should act in that image.

“And every time we do that, things go pretty well for humans and go worse for the Oligarchy,” he says.

I won’t transcribe the whole thing but I assure you that if you like what you read so far, it gets even better!