Who are the True Puppet Masters? Who is the Real Enemy?

What I’m about to say is going to challenge some people; it’s going to make some feel stupid or manipulated, but for others it will make complete sense. I would predict the people who think they have the greatest understanding of things will probably reject what I have to say the most. They will reject it not because it is incorrect, but rather because they have spent years coming to the conclusions they have settled on, not realizing that in some cases, the Deep State Cabal has intentionally led us to our conclusions to keep us from discovering who the real puppet masters are.

It’s hard to accept you’ve been wrong—that you’ve been manipulated into believing what you believe. I think in this case, a lot of us have been right about the overall concept of the Deep State Cabal and what they’ve done and continue to do to humanity, but many of us have been misled when it comes to the details. Details are important. Many of us may understand the concept that a bank was robbed, but we may not understand who actually robbed it. We may discover clues, but not realize those clues have been “planted” to mislead us.

For many, what I’m about to say will make them think, ‘I guess I kind of always knew this, deep down in the back of my mind.’

This is the thing about the brainwashing we’ve experienced for decades, it pushes what we know to be true to the back of our minds, it doesn’t completely go away. When we wake up to reality, we realize we always knew the truth, but it was somehow suppressed.

Here it goes.

The British Cabal are the true puppet masters, the enemy of the world. The British Empire never really went away, it just transitioned into the shadows. This cabal has been behind every conflict and conspiracy since at least the French Revolution.

The British Cabal manipulates everything to strengthen itself. Where there is a conflict, England is connected. Where there is a conspiracy, England is involved. Once you become aware of this, things start to make more sense, and the pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

Many times, I’ve mentioned that the US is the puppet of the City of London. The City of London is a one square mile plot of land in London that is packed with international banks and organizations. This one square mile operates by its own set of rules, completely separate from the rest of London, and England for that matter. I’ve written that the City of London controls the US financial system, and has for at least a century. I’ve written that Jerome Powell is in the process of cutting those strings to the City of London through raising interest rates and reducing the Federal Reserve’s Balance Sheet.

Many times, I’ve mentioned how the US is controlled by England, but I’ve never understood the true extent of how much of the world and world events they have controlled and manipulated. And no, I don’t mean every citizen of England; just like in every country, there is a Deep State and there are good people. I’m referring to the Satanic Cabal British elite, which includes the Royal Family.

England has been behind the creation of Communism, the creation of the State of Israel, the creation of the Federal Reserve, the CIA, the CCP, the fall of Russia in 1917, the French Revolution, the American Civil War, control of the Vatican—the list goes on and on. It would be easier to talk about the things England hasn’t been involved in.

What do we know about clandestine operations?

Clandestine operations involve staying in the shadows, going unseen, going unnoticed. As in the Wizard of Oz, it was a man behind a curtain who controlled it all. How often we are shown the truth in our entertainment. The British Elites understand the value of this—controlling everything, but making it appear others are in control. Anyone who has seen the movie Usual Suspects remembers the character Keyser Soze, the weak, unassuming man with a limp. Soze went unnoticed and no one suspected that he was in fact the guy in charge of the illegal operation.

The MI6, Britain’s CIA is the gold standard of clandestine operators.

If James Bond was a real British Intelligence Officer, he would likely be a pudgy, middle-aged man who is starting to lose his hair. He would likely drive an ordinary car and wear ordinary clothes. He would not draw attention to himself; he would likely be someone you didn’t even notice was in the room. This is how the British Intelligence really works, they try to go unnoticed. And this is the way England has worked: they draw attention to others, control through others, and they operate in the shadows.

Remember not long ago, when Biden strangely ended his speech in Connecticut by saying, “God save the Queen.”

We all thought, does he even know that she is dead? The guy has lost it. Was this a demented man expressing how bad his cognitive capacities are, or was this a Freudian Slip?

When was the last time the US didn’t support and defend England and its interests? 1812 … you know, that time the Brits burned down the White House.

Let’s go back a bit, to the Revolutionary War.

We all know the Revolutionary War was about the States fighting to gain their independence from England, and I’m not disputing that was the intention of the early patriots, and to a certain extent, these brave men and women did gain some independence from the Brits.

Some understand the French aided the Rebels in their fight against the Brits. Most don’t know that shortly after the Revolutionary War, the British Cabal instigated the French Revolution by fomenting a color revolution within France. They were angry the French got involved in the Revolutionary War, and as you will see, the British Cabal is very unforgiving to those who stand up to their tyranny.

After America gained their independence from England, thirty some years later, the War of 1812 was fought again between the US and England. This was an attempt by England to forcibly regain control of the States. They tried to gain control internally around this time and later, but their attempts to create a centralized banking system in America failed.

Fifty years later, England, seeing how powerful the US was becoming economically tried to instigate a Civil War in America. I’ve mentioned in past writings that the Civil War was not about slavery, it was about money. England created a color revolution within the States, pitting brother against brother. Interestingly, Russian fleets stood guard on the US coasts during the Civil War, keeping England from getting involved.

Care to guess whether or not England would hold a grudge against Russia?

Where did Prussia-born Karl Marx find refuge in 1849, where he married into British aristocracy and lived out the rest of his life? England. Who funded Marx’s Communist Manifesto and where was it first published? England.

With the Industrial Revolution, a middle-class was created. This meant the British Cabal could no longer run the world through a two-tiered system, the elite and the working-class poor. The middle-class needed to be eliminated, in stepped Communism. Communism is a middle-class killer.

Who really pulled the strings of Communism? England.

In 1905, England funded Japan to go to war against Russia, destroying the majority of Russia’s navy. In 1905, England then funded and orchestrated the first Russian Revolution. It failed, and many of the communist revolutionaries fled to Germany, where some believe they started the slow process of creating the Nazi Party.

You see, there really isn’t much difference between the Communists and the Nazis; both systems are run through fascism.

In 1917, England funded and orchestrated a second Russian Revolution that was successful. The King of England essentially had his first cousin, the czar of Russia, and his family murdered. England openly expressed support for the Bolsheviks. King George, PM Lloyd George, and ‘Marx fanboy’ and Secretary of War Lord Alfred Milner preferred Communism over the Russian Monarch. The Brits created a color revolution in Russian and after a bloody civil war, the Soviet Union was created. The Bolsheviks were led by Lenon and British controlled asset, Trotsky. Trotsky was controlled and funded by England, in fact, it is said he had an ongoing affair with Winston Churchill’s cousin who was a member of the British Intelligence. Swalwell much?

The Soviet Union would be used first as an ally, then later as an adversary to England and the West. There’s the answer to my previous question: yes, the Brits held a grudge against the Russian Monarch for their involvement in the American Civil War.

Where did the Rothschild banking system take hold? England. London, to be exact. Who was behind the formation of the US Federal Reserve? England. Who started WWI and got the US involved? England. Who controlled President Woodrow Wilson? England.

US President Woodrow Wilson had a handler—a wealthy Texan from a wealthy British family; his name was Colonel House. Colonel Edward House was a British asset. House got Wilson elected POTUS in 1912. Then the very unpopular Federal Reserve was created in 1913 under Wilson. Wilson was re-elected in 1916, promising to keep America out of WWI. As soon as he was re-elected, Wilson got the US into England’s war, where the US bailed out England against Germany.

A side note about Germany during WWI:

It has been claimed that many members of the early Nazi Party fled from Russia to Germany after the failed Communist Revolution in 1905, and that the early Nazi Party was overly represented by homosexuals. Once the Nazi party started to gain some steam, they decided if they wanted to grow even bigger, they needed to rid the party of homosexuals. They had them executed.

A lesson to Liberals in America today: once Communism is in place, they have no need for you. If Communism took over in America, Liberals would likely face a firing squad.

England also started WWII, where their English-created Soviet allies took the bulk of the casualties. The British Cabal creates wars and manipulates and controls both sides, in this case, the Axis and the Allies. England persuaded the US to get involved as well. Interestingly, children’s book author Roald Dahl and James Bond author Ian Fleming were sent west to spy on the US, promote England and get the US involved in the war.

Following WWII, England used the CIA and MI6 to overthrow Iran. The MI6 trained the CIA for decades before the CIA was officially formed. England created the State of Israel as well. Why? To have constant tension in the Middle East, as well as a group to blame all conspiracies on. The British Cabal controls everyone in the Middle East. Having constant tension in the Middle East allows for the military industrial complex to thrive, while keeping the violence outside of their own backyard.

Virtually every war and conflict on the planet Earth since at least the French Revolution has been manipulated and orchestrated by England. Why? War is big business. The military industrial complex pays well. Constant wars and constant tension create control and power.

England was behind the fall of the Soviet Union and the immediate and epic rise of China as a world power. In other words, they transitioned away from controlling the Soviet Union to controlling China.

Where did George Soros go in 1947 when the Nazis took over his home country of Hungary? England.

Soros made his fortune by allegedly ‘breaking the British pound’ in 1992. I would argue that Soros is just a British Cabal puppet, through which they control and manipulate. Soros is an investment genius the same way Bill Gates is a tech genius, or how Zuckerberg created social media by staying up one night writing code while drinking Red Bull and eating pizza. Soros made his fortune around the same time money started to flow into China, making them a new economic superpower. Coincidence?

Ironically, the same year George Soros made his fortune, former Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton became POTUS—1992. When did Arkansas’ Walmart begin to take over American retail through undercutting all other retail stores by cheaply importing products from China? The 1990’s. Bill Clinton received a Rhodes Scholarship 1n 1968 to attend University College in Oxford, England.

Many people believe Rhodes Scholarships are an indoctrination process used to create foreign assets for England. More than 25% of world leaders studied abroad in England. If you want to have a good idea of who may be British assets in the US, look at who was a Rhodes Scholar and later attained positions of power in the media and politics.

Here’s a short list of other Rhodes Scholars: George Stephanopoulos, Susan Rice, Rachel Maddow, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg, and writer Ronan Farrow.

Let’s stick with the Clintons for a moment.

When Trump was elected POTUS in 2016, Hilary Clinton headed a smear campaign we know as Russiagate to cripple Trump’s ability to do what he came into office to do—to drain ‘the swamp’. She used British Intelligence to create this hoax.

Does anyone think it’s strange that America’s greatest ally would take part in this, or that the British had the same interests as Hilary Clinton?

Many reading this understand the Royal Family is behind the big push for climate change. The Royal Family is directly connected to multiple high-level convicted pedophiles. I would argue that England is behind the international drug trade, as well as human trafficking, and this goes back to at least the first Opium War in 1839. England had been trafficking drugs into China, creating a massive number of Chinese drug addicts. This is where we get Chinese opium dens—pre-crack houses.

When China no longer allowed the British ships to bring in their drugs, they were attacked by the British, and the drug trafficking resumed.

Why all this secrecy?

England was at one time known as imperialist. They would go into a country, take control, enslave it, and extract all of its natural resources. I believe at one point they decided it would be more effective to work from the shadows, to no longer be seen as the world’s enemy, so they slowly backed into the bushes like Homer Simpson. They decided it is better to be the ventriloquist than the puppet.

England garnered control of the US and created the Soviet Union and the CCP. They control Iran and Israel. They control the capitalists and the communists. At some point they realized if they control both sides of every conflict, they can be assured of the outcome. If they keep the world in constant conflict, control is easily maintained. England decides when it is time for a great nation to fall, and which nation will take its place.

When living in the shadows, one needs to create a facade of who is in charge, who is in power. The US for decades has been viewed as the world’s economic and military superpower. In theory, it is: it’s like a high-performance race car, but England is the driver. England controls it. England is the rudder of this great ship. England steers what direction America goes. America is allowed to prosper, but remains at England’s beck and call.

Like any clandestine operation that exists in the shadows, one needs a fall guy. This is where in many cases Zionists come into play. This isn’t to say there aren’t Zionists willingly participating in the conspiracy, as I believe they are strategically placed into presumed positions of power by the British Cabal to appear to be the people who are manipulating the strings, when in fact, they are the strings.

The British Cabal is the puppeteer, the Zionists in many cases are the strings, and the common people are the dummy. One could replace the Zionists with the CCP, or Muslims, or the Soviets, or the Germans or the US, for that matter. Someone always comes across as being the bigger enemy of the world, and England always seems to play a secondary role at best—as a sidekick, never the supervillain, while in some cases, they go completely unnoticed.

Think about how the British Cabal keeps their anonymity. If England put a bunch of Brits in positions of power and influence in Hollywood, the media, and Corporate America, people would start to catch on. Instead, they overwhelm the American positions of power and influence with Jewish people so people like you and I will discover the overrepresentation and believe it is evidence that they are the people in control. If the Brits controlled the world directly from England instead of places like the former Soviet Union or China, or the US, the same thing would apply. People would catch on and see that the British Cabal are the ones who are ultimately in control—the instigators of chaos.

Have you ever wondered why so many American billionaires say they aren’t going to pass on their fortunes to their children. Maybe it’s because it’s not their fortune to pass on, as it belongs to someone above them.

This doesn’t prove England is in control, but rather evidence that someone above these billionaires controls them. When lists of the richest people in the world come out, do people really believe they are the richest people alive? Where do the Royal Family Members fall on these lists, or the Rothschilds? I would argue the richest people alive go unseen on these lists, and their wealth is greatly under exaggerated.

Speaking of the Rothschilds, most see the Rothschilds as being Jewish, but how many see them as being British? The Satanic Cabal takes from all walks of life.

Like some reading this, I’ve previously gone down the rabbit hole that led me to the belief that Jews were in charge of everything, that many of them were co-conspirators. I realize now that I was wrong, and that I was led to believe this intentionally. This is all a part of the plan for the British Satanic Cabal to go unnoticed by creating a scapegoat.

British Intelligence is superior to other governments’ intelligence agencies. They trained the CIA; they trained the KGB. Propaganda and mind control started at the Tavistock Institute in England. From Tavistock came the techniques to manipulate and control the masses through the media, as well as on an individual level with the use of drugs, torture and psychiatry. Tavistock is the predecessor to the CIA’s MKULTRA.

The bulk of the population is easy to mind control—they believe everything they are told. A smaller group of people knows something isn’t right, but they lack the curiosity to find out what it is. An even smaller group of people know something isn’t right and passionately pursues answers. For this third group of people who seek answers, the British Cabal has to create fall guys or frame others for their crimes.

Look at 9/11 for, example.

The first level of people still believes the official narrative—that a group of Muslim extremists flew planes into buildings, and they fell in controlled demolition fashion. A second level of people think the official story isn’t correct, but they don’t pursue answers. A third level of people pursue answers, and that is why the British Cabal came up with the “dancing Jews” story.

The British Cabal are fine with us blaming it on the CIA and Israel. They still maintain their anonymity. And I’m not saying the Mossad wasn’t involved, just that the British control them as well. Ghislaine Maxwell’s Dad worked for the Mossad. Robert Maxwell fled his country when the Nazis invaded, and he joined the British Army and became a British citizen in 1946. As Anons, we are led to focus on the fact that he was a Jew and worked for the Mossad, but he was first loyal to England.

This pattern repeats when examining the Covid era. The first level of people believed the epidemic would wipe out all of humanity. They are now quadruple vaxed and don’t seem to notice how many people are still alive—they just moved on from it. The second level got jabbed but no longer believes the narrative. The third level never took the jab and found that this bioweapon that wasn’t as deadly as planned was released from a lab in Wuhan. The only problem is, we don’t understand that the same people who control the CCP, Obama and Fauci are in fact the British Cabal.

Who does the British Cabal not control?

Trump and Putin, which is why they are so vilified and attacked. Trump and Putin have refused to be controlled by these British overlords. Their audacity to refuse their shackles has inspired other world leaders to rebel as well. If you look at the BRICS nations, they are aligning with Trump and Putin, against their masters. The people of England stood up to the British Cabal and voted to leave the EU in 2016, the year Trump was elected POTUS, and have been punished with massive immigration by their leaders ever since. It is said that Boris Johnson nixed a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine early on in the conflict back in April of 2022. Why would he do this? The Evil Empire needs a war between NATO and Russia, and a peace treaty wouldn’t allow that to happen. Johnson stepped down three months later.

Wherever you find conflict and chaos, you will find the British Cabal in the shadows. Where you find Communism, you find the British elite. Where you find war, they are there as well. Where you find tension, you will find their manipulation. Where you find corruption, and false narratives and agendas you find the British Cabal.

Finding their involvement requires going the extra mile. It requires looking beyond the patsy they put before us, and as I already mentioned, this doesn’t mean the patsy isn’t a willing participant—just that they are controlled by this Cabal above them.

I challenge anyone to come up with a war, conflict, false flag event, or crisis over the past couple of hundred years to which the British Cabal wasn’t connected. You may not find them in the first layer, but once you pull back another layer or two, you will find the Evil Empire is there. For the people still fixated on the Jews being the puppet masters, I ask, why would they have hundreds of thousands, to millions of their own people die in concentration camps, or surround Israel with their enemies?

It doesn’t add up, but it does make sense if you say England, who actually created the State of Israel, is using this propaganda to serve their own ends.

Good news.

Many believe we are headed to another World War. Yes, the British Satanic Cabal wants nothing more than to have the US in a war with Russia, but this is unlikely to happen. The British Empire wants Biden to get the US in a war against Russia, but he can’t make it happen. Two important factions don’t want the US to go to war with Russia: they are China and the US Military. Trump is in control of the US Military, and China is in control of Biden. Xi has Biden blackmailed, so he can’t declare war on Russia, otherwise China will expose the Biden Crime Family.

With Biden unable to declare war against Russia, it is possible that the British Cabal could look to have Biden impeached to get someone else in office who isn’t blackmailed by China. Be cautious with a Biden impeachment, as it may not be a good thing, but rather a last-ditch effort by the British Cabal to create a war between the US and Russia.

The Evil Empire is currently sailing in uncharted waters. Usually, they control both sides of every conflict. Sometimes they only control one side. Currently, they don’t have control of either side.

While Trump is severing the control England has on the American financial system, Putin is creating a new gold-backed currency with the BRICS nations. While China brokers peace deals in the Middle East, Americans are waking up to the horrors of our controllers, the trafficking of humans and drugs and the cover given to all of it by our media.

Everything is coming together nicely. The Cabal is on the ropes. The British Empire has never stood on shakier ground. Their reign of terror is almost over.

Praise God.

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