Whitney Webb: “They’ve Been Planning This Cyber Attack for Years”

Clayton Morris of Redacted interviews investigative journalist Whitney Webb 

Transcript of video introduction by Clayton Morris:

“Is the deep state mafia setting up a massive cyber attack false flag on the American people that will disrupt the 2024 election?
Well, it turns out that the United States intel agencies have been running tabletop exercises on this exact scenario. And now the Department of Homeland Security head, Mayorkas, says the greatest cyber threat to America is something called Killware.
So what’s really going on here? Are we being set up for a massive false flag?
And investigative journalist Whitney Webb has been writing
about these cyber attack tabletop exercises for years. And she’s been exposing what they’ve been up to. And then this week, we had a crazy “cyber attack” that seemed to shut down half the internet this week. Banks. Rumble was down.
What exactly is going on here? Are we being played like a fiddle?”