Whistleblower Claims Advanced Technology In Antarctica Can Cause Earthquakes

This latest video by Greg Reese is absolutely hair-raising! It looks like we’re being given major disclosure about UFOs, Antarctica and exotic technology to distract us from the revelations about the Biden Crime Family and the Deep State’s pathetic efforts to stop Trump.




During World War II, the Nazis’ most classified project was known as Die Glocke, “The Bell”. Secret documents found years later reveal that the Bell was a new kind of exotic energy technology that could affect time and defy gravity.

In 1939, the Nazis set up a secret base in Antarctica known as  [Neuschwabenland] “New Swabia”.

Starting in 1945, Operation Paperclip secretly brought hundreds of Nazi scientists into America, where they were hired by the Military Industrial Complex.

In 1959, a dozen nations signed the Antarctic Treaty, making it illegal for anyone to travel south of the 60th Parallel without government permission.

Since then, curious videos have circulated that show what appear to be Nazi UFOs. And just last Monday, Dr Steven Greer introduced Antarctica whistleblower, Eric Hecker:

In 2010, I was selected to go down to the South Pole Station in Antarctica for an entire year by Raytheon Polar Services as an employee of a third party contractor for the National Science Foundation. I functioned in a dual capacity as a tradesman and a firefighter. My responsibilities required me to be more informed than most of my crew and offered me complete access to the facilities. What I learned from this unique experience needs to be shared with the entire world.  

The technology at the South Pole Station certainly can do what is its primary purposes – and unfortunately, much more.

The IceCube Neutrino Detector is presented as a ‘passive listening device’ for the purpose of the science as presented but I’m going to skip right through the chase, Folks. I have provided documentation that proves that 5,160 what they call ‘DOMs’ that are embedded in the ice can actually transmit at 2,057 Volts each.     

That gives a long list of things to consider. It is effectively a multi-faceted Directed Energy Weapons platform that I will list, rapidly a few things that it can do:

Vehicle detection – we’re learning that these off-world craft, on-world craft, ours or from any other nation are also emitting neutrinos, so this makes the South Pole Station effectively an air traffic control station for this new level of equipment that nobody’s discussing. 

In addition to the ability to detect neutrinos and the exotic vehicles, I provided documentation that this is also a system for the faster-than-light communications.

In the past, Gary McKinnon has hacked NASA, found the off-world fleet, the list of captains and it’s apparent that if we have faster-than-light vehicles moving throughout the system, we’re going to need faster-than-light communications. This is that facility.

Unfortunately, I have other bad news. The season that I was there, in 2010 to 2011, we converted from construction to operations in maintenance in both the elevated station and the Detector Array.

Unfortunately, when they fired it up, that was when we had the earthquakes [1 & 2] in Christchurch, New Zealand.

There were two incidental shots, where they were able to target it correctly. This is an earthquake-generating device, as well.

These are the weapons of war we have to deal with now – and what Raytheon’s hiding. 

There’s an ELF system at the South Pole Station and when I arrived, I was told it was off, dismantled and completely defunct. In my work, I will rapidly just tell you that I had to figure out the circuitry for certain other repairs and I found that this system is, in fact completely energized, up and running and being utilized with the other systems for nefarious purposes, as well.

The Atmospheric Research Observatory is in what we call the ‘Clean Air Sector’. I witnessed myself a very powerful green laser shooting out of the top of this facility into the cosmos.

This, I believe is a secondary form of long-range communications and/or a defense system.

A question of power comes into play for all of these facilities that are present. I assure you, I knew what was going on, I knew the load demands of the facility and all of these new items exceed the demand for the systems that I was presented. 

In doing due diligence and research, I believe there is a secondary power supply there that is either nuclear, that was there prior to the start of the Antarctic Treaty, which prohibits such things and/or that there is some sort of exotic power supply system there that is not in the verbiage of the Treaty, so it negates the responsibility to the parties that are involved.