What Is The LOOSH? Stop Feeding Dark Dimensional Entities Your Negative Energy

Ever wondered why you never feel good after watching the nightly news? Aside from it being blatantly fake narrative spun propaganda it is also intentionally fear-mongering and stressing you out. This is because invisible higher dimensional dark entities (Archons & Chimera) feed off of these negative energies/emotions that humans are conditioned into giving off. Before we can understand what the loosh is, we must first understand what our life force is.


Your life force is the essence of who you are, your life energy, your soul, your spirit, eternal, undying, your connection to the source, and your connection to all that is. This life force is yours to give if you choose. It cannot be truly taken, but you can be tricked into giving it away:

  1. If you choose to acknowledge your divinity and express your life force as co-creator with the source it is reflected back to you as love and oneness, a celebration of unity.

  2. If you allow it to be siphoned away and used to energize and empower dark forces, it is lost and you are left with nothing. The dark cannot create and can only destroy. The dark manipulates you to become their energy source to compensate for the living energy they cannot access, also known as looshing.



The choice is neither good or bad, but rather a preference that can have profound consequences on your journey of ascension through the densities/dimensions (as seen in Life Force Map below). There are multiple levels of density/dimensions which are states of consciousness used to organize different planes of existence according to its vibrational frequency. These planes of existence are neither above nor below, rather interpenetrating and existing in the same space simultaneously.


Technological and spiritual limitations prevent dark forces from ascending to higher dimensions:


Click To Download: Fullsize Life Force Map


At the top of the pyramid we can see the highest level malevolent extraterrestrials/higher dimensional entities which are believed to be the Chimera (creators of the Earth matrix system). The Archons & Chimera both harvest negative spiritual energy (loosh) from the human slave farm across the astral plane of the dead or suffering of any living creature (mainly humans) on Earth. The head archon is known as Lord Lucifer or Satan, whom is the supreme leader of the dark forces that plague earth including the negatively oriented Greys, Reptilians, Khazarians, and Jesuits.


Click To View: Pyramid Of Death – Who Really Runs This World?


Dark Forces Structure


Jesuit Hierarchy


Jesuit Hierarchy


The Freemasonic Jesuit Cabal has even instilled the symbolism of harvesting adrenochrome and loosh (negative spiritual energy) throughout children’s movies, like Monsters, Inc. for example. In the movie we see various types of “monsters” which in realty are actually variations of the overlord reptilian and archon species. To put it plainly, the reptilian species require either stem cell rich blood or adrenochrome (especially in Vril Lizard Reptilian parasite cases) and the archons require our negative low vibrational spiritual energies as their preferential source of energy consumption. Notice in the movie the “scream” cannisters fill up red which is symbolic of adrenochrome and the scream harvesting is symbolic of low vibrational spiritual energies being harvested. In addition, the movie logo itself represents the “all-seeing eye” or “third eye” or “pineal gland” or “Eye of Ra” which is where the adrenochrome is harvested from, after torturing the children and where the soul is believed to sit until a certain level of vibrational ascension.


Monsters Inc. Depicts Children Used For Harvesting Adrenochrome & Loosh


Here is an example of the non-physical looshing Archons materializing and being caught on video camera by Richard Bruce:


Here is a healing frequency that can be used to cleanse ones self of these looshing artificial intelligence connected Archons/Demons:


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