Many people don’t really know that communism is really the control system for companies, corporations, colonies, plantations etc. Its a slave system, corporate control. A colony is like a foreign occupation corporation controlling its citizens while occupying a foreign land.

Some thoughts.

I think this system is all over the world. America was probably taken way before Australia (Terra Australis) was ever even found by the British Admiralty. I notice that on US police audit videos, police always seem to ask: “Are you a US Citizen” well there it is, the foreign British Admiralty system, they didn’t ask if you were an American Civilian or even an American Citizen, they said US or UNITED STATES citizen, the UNITED STATES is not the United States of America, its a private incorporation run by the City of London. (Vatican Roman Administration) From what I understand, the American Civil Flag has its strips running vertical, the US flag is the US Military flag, not the American civil flag, these could be the signs that people are ignoring? the British Admiralty or City of London has been administrating the English people for 2000 years, I think the City of London, (Vatican Roman Administration) started around 47-AD so this Vatican Roman admin has been doing this for a long time. The original America was probably a group of people hoping to escape the European Catholic Roman rule! but I have a feeling that it may have taken America back. Every time a president gets in and tries to take America back for the people or close down the US-FED, (Vatican controlled private banking system), look what happens,, taken out of office one way or the other!… The way I see it is that the governing system is so gnostic, so secret and limited to so few people that most of the world has no idea how the (Trust Law) system works and they, the people in power, owners of the governing corporations, are going to keep it that way. It might be why a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT is needed in order to contain the knowledge of this administration system into an even smaller handful of people. Like anything, once you know how its done or once you know how the magician did his trick, it all seems so simple, however, sometimes, if you do know how it works, millions of people will never believe it. One of the main things to try and work out is the difference between a citizen standing and a civilian standing, if you’re holding the citizen birthing certificate, maybe you should try and find out what constitutes a civilian standing and if there is a certificate for the civilian, If you do become a civilian, then the US military controlled by the British Admiralty, may be a foreign occupation! and you then may have the rights of a non belligerent occupied person. Check the rules in relation to foreign occupation. Like Australia, it appears that Australia is a foreign occupation military occupation but most people “believe” that this country is Australia, its not and the government interpretations act even states it in black and white. In relation to the US, I think from memory, New York and the islands around it, were the original British Admiralty lands, or islands, meaning, that area may be the only geographical land known as the UNITED STATES ! and the rest of America is the real America. New York is not America! so when an American becomes a US Citizen, has he been taken from the real geographical America, rendering him to be subject to the old Cesti Que (Vie) Trust Act of 1666? rendering his estate to remain with the British Admiralty until he returns? but while the American believes that the UNITED STATES is the real geographical America, he will never return and the British Admiralty will get to claim his true equitable title over his real birth right: America, through the Cesti Que (Vie) trust act of 1666… In trust law, the trustee holds the legal right to claim an estate if no will or testament has been made! meaning, if you die as a US Citizen, before returning to the real American civilian standing, did the US British Admiralty of Rome, just claim your birthright to your real America, along with the mineral and energy wealth that goes along with such a birthright? … Is this how the large international oil barons took the oil from the Americans without paying for it? They legally dumped every American on an off shore island called UNITED STATES??? … That’s why they make you a US Citizen at birth so by the time you reach the age of majority, (21) you have no idea that you were meant to be an American Civilian and not a foreign British Admiralty islands US CITIZEN… God help them if people ever get their heads around this deceit that has been perpetuated against the good people of this world. Once you comprehend the principle of how it works, it may be a big step in correcting your standing and also hold your own against their magistrates of deception. Comprehending the concept is where the power over these robbers lies, I feel…