What Does the Reiner Fuellmich Case Tell us About Scientology and Plandemonium? Cults, Mind Control, and Plandemonium, Part 7

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This is one of those plandemonium stories that would seem funny if all of this were not so serious.

I don’t recall exactly when I first heard about the Coronavirus Investigation Committee (CIC). For most of 2020 and 2021, I wasn’t paying deep attention to the media (or alt media) telling us how the plandemonium was unfolding. Sure, I saw video clips of various doctors on both sides of the fractalized debates: Peter McCullough, Richard Urso, and many names that I do or do not remember. The issue that I focused on most was whether or not hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) worked to help keep people who got sick from needing hospitalization or from dying. Today I’m not entirely sure what the cause(s) of respiratory illness are, but the more I learned, the more I suspected that HCQ’s efficacy generalizes.

To be fair, I was also focused on the economic aspects of the event known as “the pandemic” because I have long worried about the chaos released in the Triffin-quake induced by the transition from the dollar reserve currency era to whatever might come next.

A thousand lawyers? What court by what authority? Why is there a hot Indian “erotic actress” on the cover of Biotech Express? Why will 47% of readers (I’m guesstimating) find out that she faked her cancer death?

All reasonable questions.

I did watch a couple of hours of CIC discussions through mid-2022, but even as a slow reader, I soak up more information from documents and articles than from recordings, so I tend to only watch those recordings that seem more unique and important to whatever I’m learning about. But it was when I saw Todd Callender’s absurd statements about the military health database to the ICI that I started paying a little more attention.

Apparently, I first watched this testimony on April 5, 2022.

This is chat from the workgroup where we discussed my then-ongoing investigation and preparation of evidence into the Defense Medical Epidemiological Database (DMED).

The conversation got suddenly tense, with DMED whistleblower Theresa Long defending Callender’s nonsensical data claim.

Reminder: The DMED does NOT contain mortality data in any form. And the notion that the original numbers (more than 1000% increase in injury/illness) claimed at the January 2022 Senator Johnson hearing were anywhere close to correct has been agreed as absurd by every data mind I’ve had the chance to discuss the controversy with.

It was around this time that I became aware that attorneys Thomas Renz and Leigh Dundas who presented at the Johnson hearing were parading the incorrect data numbers around to audiences around the country. Numerous times I was told that lawyers would pursue the correct investigation with FOIAs, but none of those people ever followed through. The correct story, which should have involved a look into the data contractor Unissant (which also handles the border data), was buried under lies and gaslighting. Though he never answered an email requesting a meeting to discuss my data findings together with Renz, Robert Malone passed it off to me over the phone as “psyops and counterpsyops” before inviting me to meet with intelligence (of what form I never found out since I did not make that trip).

Somewhere along the way I saw an auditing record that, assuming genuine, indicates that Leigh Dundas is a Scientologist. So far as I’ve seen, she hasn’t denied it.

Over the next few months, I began to notice lots of Scientologists in the MFM, which is why I started to look deeper into UFO religions, cults, the occult, and connections with intelligence. I read tens of thousands of pages about the Theosophical Society and Neo-Theosophy groups (where I believe that Scientology should be classified).

The dark green dots are Scientologists. There seem to be Scientologists connected with all of the major figures in the entire plandemonium story: Trump, RFK Jr., Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Roundtable Media, QAnon, (psyop expert) General Michael Flynn, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Del Bigtree, Vivek Ramaswamy, Russell Brand, George Soros, Sean Stone, David Martin, Ayyadurai, and I’m sure more.

Weirdly, I found Roger Stone to have worked for the NXIVM cult! And before you think that’s just random cult trivia, understand that the two doctors in the center of that controversy—one who ran a fright experiment (human experimentation without an ethics review, if I understand correctly) at a NXIVM event, and the other who unapologetically branded members—are both vocally part of the Medical Freedom Movement (MFM) (here and here on X-Twitter).

I haven’t even gotten to the fact that Falun Gong, which runs Malone’s and Bannon’s favorite media The Epoch Times, looks like another Neo-Theosophy template with Buddhism slapped onto it in an interesting way. Li Hongzhi, the leader of Falun Gong, teaches that Donald Trump is literally an angel, sent from heaven. Like Scientologists, members of Falun Gong are told they need to shed aliens (chi) in order to ascend to heaven (reveal the “milky white” gong in an Aryan Master Race sort of twist that makes you wonder if milky white Taylor Swift’s makeup artist is in on the Asia-targeting gag).


Fun fact: If you search the archives of The Epoch Times, you’ll currently find 21 results for “DMED”. While one of those is a poorly-summarized interview with me (the images strike me as the worst possible option to clarify my findings), all or nearly all the rest promote the original incorrect DMED tale as told at the Jan 2022 Senator Johnson hearing, including the promotion of some of the false data.

Falun Gong → National Endowment for Democracy → USAID → CIA

Not kidding. While these are merely (but bizarrely unnecessary) associations, USAID has specifically been involved in forced sterilization and vaccination campaigns around the world. They don’t even hide it. They just couch it as “family planning” on their website. And it would fit the words of L Ron Hubbard in an unsettling sort of way.

Would it be paranoid to think that Scientology and Falun Gong, both of which have ties to the U.S. intelligence network, are part of some Neo-Theosophy and military intelligence occult network involved in steering the plandemonium on behalf of some powerful interested party?

From the comment section of my last article:


No, not paranoid.

But perhaps we do need to get a little paranoid when we see psyop artist General Michael Flynn slightly rewrites a prayer developed by a Neo-Theosophist, and DMED whistleblower Dr. Theresa Long caps her Defeat the Mandates rally speech with “El Shaddai, Adenai, Elohim,” three tetragram words for God (Yahweh), the last of which has been used in particular as the representation of aliens by the pro-genetic-engineering and designer baby UFO cult known as Raëlism.


The Fuellmich Dossier and Questions About Scientology Involvement


If you weren’t aware, Reiner Fuellmich was arrested in Tijuana late last year where he had to seek out the German consulate due to losing track of his passport. Insert our own cheap beer jokes, but the situation is serious. There are multiple millions of dollars worth of cash and gold from CIC donations and the sale of Fuellmich’s home that all seem to be part of the story underlying the legal action pending against the former CIC front man.

Never Again Is Now
Who or what is behind the “Reiner Fuellmich dossier”?
The following is a translated documentation of an article by the German news outlet 2020news.de (which is affiliated to the Corona Investigative Committee) about a Freedom of Information Act request concerning a “dossier” that was read by attorney Dr. Christof W. Miseré on behalf of the defendant Dr. Reiner Fuellmich…
Read more

Fuellmich’s former partner in the CIC, Viviane Fischer, spoke with me and has shared with me that she has been classified as a plaintiff in the case. From the article above,

This dossier, according to Dr. Miseré in an interview, had been leaked to him by an unnamed source. It is one thing for the defense of Reiner Fuellmich to consider the dossier helpful to the defendant. However, wether the dossier is “a bombshell” as observers have claimed, or in what way “bombshell” quality can be assessed, seems to be a question worth asking.

For the consequences, either way, are going to be far reaching. Already accusations are being levelled against former colleagues of Reiner Fuellmich of being deep state agents.

One of these former partners of Fuellmich’s is Viviane Fischer, who has blown the whistle over financial issues within the CIC in July/August of 2022 – first behind closed doors, and six weeks later in a public announcement on September 2nd, 2022, about Fuellmich’s leave of absence “for the time being”. It is noteworthy that Viviane Fisher continues to enjoy the support of heavy weights such as Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, who continues to be a regular guest on the CIC sessions.

Fischer let it be known today in a press release on 2020news.de that she had FOIA’d the German intelligence agencies in an attempt to find out whether or not the dossier is in fact genuine.

It was sometime after Fuellmich’s arrest when I learned that some people associated with his past legal work wondered if he had secretly worked on behalf of Scientology to sabotage clients in real estate disputes going back over two decades.

Never Again Is Now
Black Propaganda?
Below a subtitled copy of a 1999 TV report on Reiner Fuellmich and Scientology is published. Publication does not imply any conclusion. Context: The report was obtained from the wayback machine. It is a partial copy of a larger piece. Archived is the part pertaining to Attorney Reiner Fuellmich…
Read more

If true, this would be a pretty disturbing level of lawfare. But if Scientology somehow managed to steer the CIC—and perhaps the MFM on the whole—the implications could not be larger. Dissident money, energy, and action could be channeled into the hands of false leaders—chaos agents working against the interests of those who wish to be free of the rising cybernetic totalitarian system.

If all this were not enough, I’m told that after founding the CIC, a German Remote Viewing group known as Into the Matrix drew Fuellmich in. After that Fuellmich spent three weeks in India with a guru, and came back looking ragged and disheveled. India is where Theosophists often travel(ed) to seek gurus and guru-esque pseudospirituality like Kundalini. That’s when Fuellmich went on tour to the U.S., directed by the same organizers of Kundalini-magic man David Icke’s past tours. At least, this is what I’m told by those who worked with Fuellmich.

Your Moment of Zen


A few hours ago, an RTE subscriber shared with me one of the best documentaries I’ve ever watched. So, I’d like to share it with you.