Wetiko: Healing The Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World – Paul Levy | TCM #62 (Part 1)

Paul Levy joins Bernhard Guenther on the Cosmic Matrix Podcast for the second time. This time, they had a lot to catch up on in light of wetiko, the world situation, and Paul’s upcoming book “Wetiko: Healing the Mind-Virus That Plagues Our World.” In this podcast, they discuss the nature of evil, the hyper-dimensional (non-local) aspect of the wetiko virus (the psycho-spiritual disease that has infected humanity through the minds of people), and how easily we can be taken over by wetiko (without being aware of it). They also tie in this concept of wetiko to the evil we see playing out on the world stage, and the globalist totalitarian take-over we see happening currently. Paul shares the antidote and cure for wetiko, and how this relates to the necessity to confront our own inner darkness via shadow work, and the interrelationship between the wetiko virus and COVID from a metaphysical perspective. Furthermore, Paul gives some practical advice about how you can counteract wetiko (within ourselves and within the world), and how to take our creative power back, and the importance of not censoring ourselves out of fear. In the second hour, Paul dives deeper into the “dream-like nature of reality”. They discuss how wetiko relates to the shadow government, and how it has infected the Left and the woke movement like a group occult entity, and how it can manifest in various “woke ideologies” [Critical Race Theory, Cancel Culture, etc.]. They also discuss how wetiko has infected the therapy space as well and how pathology has become normalized, which creates even more trauma. Paul talks about the “shamanic” archetype that is currently activated in the collective psyche, and how we are all being called to make the descent into darkness (within ourselves and in the world) to transmute the shadows into light — like the alchemical process of transmuting lead into gold. Furthermore, Paul shares about the four ignoble blindnesses of wetiko, how people have distorted his work and the concept of wetiko, and the importance of being aware of our triggers and the entry points where wetiko can influence us. They also discuss the importance of building spiritual community, and much more. Paul’s website: https://www.awakeninthedream.com/