We Are at the End of Civilization – Gerald Celente

Renowned trends researcher and publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente, says the trend for the world is very dark because of the increasing prospects for a World War.  Celente pointed out a year ago to an unsuspecting public that “World War III has already started.”  There is no end in sight to the Ukraine war, and it is only getting more intense.  Celente says, “We are at the end of civilization.. . .Let’s talk about the Ukraine war.  Thanks to the U.S. and NATO, they ramped up a situation that would have been over a year ago if we minded our own business.  Now, it’s bombs away in Moscow with the drones they are sending in . . . . World War III has begun, and we are on the verge of nuclear annihilation.  Look at these people on the cover of the Trends Journal.  They are out of their minds.  They are evil, demonic, psychopathic, pathological lying freaks.”

Since 2014, Celente and his Trends Journal has been warning “Washington is driving the world to the final war.”  Looks like we are in the final war now.  Celente says the people currently in office in Washington D.C. will do anything to hold on to power.  This includes massive cheating in the 2024 Election and jailing Trump if the Deep State can pull it off.  Despite the fact Donald Trump is leading the GOP field for the White House in 2024, Celente says they will make sure he does not return to office by cheating him out–once again.  Celente also says that Bobby Kennedy Jr. looks like he is trending higher, but he, too, will have to contend with the cheating.