Vox Populi – Legislator Be Advised 2023 ~#4

January 19, 2023

Time Yet Remains!

But you must hurry!

We, the People, blame ourselves!

Obviously, we need to work harder to impress upon you the lateness of the hour!

These writings are for YOUR benefit!

Forecasts have been made in these pages in order that you would know, such that you would have proof in front of your eyes, that the path into the Future IS predictable before its manifestation into our reality.

This is for YOUR benefit. Time yet remains to you, but it is running short! You must start acting NOW!

Look! It is now easy to see the signs and portents emerging to guide you!

Others see!

Jacinda has Jumped. The crypto-trans (hidden, unacknowledged transvestite (* a man pretending to be a woman with deliberate intent to decieve)) Jacinda has announced that he is leaving the position of the PM (Crime Minister) of New Zealand! It was sudden. Why do we suppose this occurred? Does he smell rust being rasped off the pitchforks? The oil being poured on the torches? The ropes being knotted?

Klaus Schwabbed! The employees of the WEF have mutinied! They are going public with details of the Haus of Schwab’s disfunction, disarray, disagreements, and, now, its developing dissolution! What do we think? Will this fracturing of the WEF, predicted in these advisories, lead to revealing of their crimes? Is this why Klaus is threatening to unleash a “catestrophic cyberattack that shuts down the internet” in the next two years? We know he says years, but means months….

Boula Pfizered! The CEO of Pfizer, Boula, was confronted about the deaths and disability caused by the Pfizered covid injectibles. This was on a public street in Davos. He answered NONE of the 29 questions put to him (probably waiting for his trial)! And you should see his body language! This man was afraid! He was fleeing!

Note the Brand Assassination. This is now an on-going strategy of Humanity’s Push Back. We, the People, are going to OBLITERATE the brands of ALL these WEF “partner” corporations. We will PFIZER them until the MODERNA gets squeezed out of their collective colon by the pressure. Do YOU have money in any of these corporations?!? A word to the wise…

Fink Freaks! The CEO of Blackrock is freaking out! He is reacting badly to Humanity exposing his crimes and stupidity. The WHOLE of the ESG (Environmental Social Governace)“initiative” is collapsing. Fink freaks over the exposure that Blackrock is controlled by the WEF. Further the ESG plan that has so curiously taken control of ALL the WEF corporate partners, causing them to try to FORCE their customer base into the GND (WEF’s Green New Deal= global fascist control of humanity) is now being examined, in detail, and that really has Fink Freaked Out!

Public exposure is NOT good for criminals!

The “elites”, the crimimals at Davos required a regiment of the Swiss army with machine guns to feel safe! They cannot walk the streets ANYWHERE that they don’t have armed security! Why? Hmmmm….?

Over these next 40 days, if you follow unfolding events, you will witness many more signs of the Future that YOU are now choosing! Over these next 40 days YOU will see that the minions of the WEF are also NOT SAFE on the streets. The ‘press’, the workers for the Global Propaganda Machine of the MSM, will be NOT allowed to produce lies in public. You will see instances of the ‘press’ being mobbed, and hounded out of public spaces! This will be in many countries! You will see instances of people hurling urine, and feces, at the ‘press’ in public. It’s coming…

This is YOUR FUTURE as well!

Soon you will know what happens when hundreds of people are so repulsed by your actions, your associations, that they refuse to tolerate YOUR face in their presence.


Are YOU treating that RESPONSIBILITY well?

Your future life is created by the decisions you will make TODAY!

Legislator, be advised to take care with your actions!

We, the People, are watching!