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Nearly a million Greeks were killed, while millions more were uprooted from their ancestral homelands in Asia Minor (Turkey), Pontos, and Eastern Thrace as part of the Turks’ campaign of ethnic cleansing of its Christian populations. The Genocide also annihilated the Armenian and Assyrian Christians.

This tragic event, the first Genocide of the 20th century, has been kept silent for 100 years. The voices of those martyred will no longer be silent thanks to a new documentary, Lethal Nationalism: Genocide of The Greeks 1913-1923. The documentary chronicles the genocide of the Greeks, and other indigenous Christians, at the hands of the Ottoman and Nationalist Turks.

Asia Minor, present day Turkey, was home to Greeks, Armenians, and Assyrians until 1923 when the expulsions and exterminations wiped out nearly all traces of the indigenous Christians – not even children were spared. The Greeks of Asia Minor have a history in the region going back over 3,000 years, which took only 10 years for the Ottoman and Nationalist Turkish governments to destroy.

Legendary television news anchorman, Bill Kurtis, narrates this powerful documentary.

“This production is one of the most important projects that I’ve ever been associated with and it provides a sobering lesson as to why we should never forget the suffering that is caused by genocide,” Kurtis says of the documentary.

This documentary has been in the making for the last 8 years. It has been a laborious journey and a major project of the Asia Minor and Pontos Research Center.

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Lethal Nationalism: Genocide of the Greeks 1913-1923 is a full feature documentary about the tragic story of genocide during the years of World War I that has been kept silent for 100 years.

Lethal Nationalism

The denial by the Turkish government still continues today, and the acts against their minorities also still continue. The injustice committed against these Christians has never been recognised. The veil of secrecy and silence must be shattered. The story of the Greek genocide must be told accurately and truthfully. Through projects like this full feature documentary, we can make a difference by educating the world about these forgotten events.

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Source: “Lethal Nationalism”: New explosive documentary will expose Turkey’s Genocide of the Greeks (VIDEO)