Victoria Nuland Plan To Destroy Nuclear Power Plant And Blame Russia

This report is based on a recent thread by Kim Dotcom that I believe is important for people to be aware of.

Last June, puppet president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, warned the public that Russia was planning to attack the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.

There is now talk in Kiev that the real President of Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, has become so desperate for NATO troops to enter Ukraine to continue this US proxy war against Russia, that she is willing to murder innocent locals with a radioactive cloud and blame it on Russian forces. And if you know about Victoria Nuland and the government she works for, then this is absolutely a possibility.

Independent journalist, Gonzalo Lira, who was arrested and left to die in his jail cell by Nuland’s forces, did an excellent job describing Victoria Nuland and the United States’ agenda in Ukraine. I highly recommend watching the entire thing. But here is my short edit.

Victoria Nuland is carrying out a policy which is very, very, very simple. The American goal, foreign policy goal, is to have a weak and preferably divided Russia. A Russia like the good old days in the nineties. Because in the nineties, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the United States was able to enter Russia and exploit it to a degree that is unprecedented.

Ukraine, since 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union, has been a cesspool of Western corruption. Oligarchs were not only allowed to rise, but were in fact encouraged to rise by the Western powers, in particular the United States, because the United States figured that by way of these oligarchs, these countries could be controlled. If Russia was corrupt, if Ukraine was corrupt, it would be easy for Western interests to go into these countries and steal.

When Putin arose, the people in the West thought, he's one of our guys. But what they discovered to their dismay, was that when Putin took power in roughly 1999, he cut a deal with his oligarchs. You stay out of politics and I'll stay out of your grift. But what happened was that slowly over the years, Putin started edging out the oligarchs. And even as he put in his own oligarchs, he started making those oligarchs smaller and weaker. Which is what he's been doing for the past 23 years. Had Putin not existed in Russia, Russia would be what Ukraine is today. Americans started realizing this in the late 2000s... early 2010s. They started realizing that Putin was subtly resisting them, resisting their attempts to turn Russia into a whore.

These Ukrainian extremists, they hate ethnic Russians. And that fits very neatly with Nuland because Nuland, throughout her career, she's always allied herself with groups that were extremely antagonistic towards Russians. She's always allied herself with people who hate Russians. When the Maidan revolution started, she supported the Right Sector. She micromanaged the Maidan revolution and that implicated her. When Poroshenko came to power, the next president, she made sure that that government abused the Russians. And of course, she made sure that the Ukrainian army started getting seriously supplied with weapons and she used that Ukrainian army, and she micromanaged this, to attack the Donbas. You have to understand that in a very real sense, Victoria Nuland has been president of Ukraine since 2014.

So the weapons flowed into Ukraine starting in 2014. After the coup d'état, she brought in the weapons. She's like the nexus of all these different interests that want to exploit Ukraine and use Ukraine to attack Russia with the ultimate goal of breaking up Russia and bringing back the good old days of the 90s. The good old days for the Westerners, the very very bad old days for the Russians. The Russians don't want a repeat of the nineties. That was traumatic for them, as it would be for any country.

~ Gonzalo Lira (edit from FULL VIDEO)

Word on the street is that the current Commander-in-Chief of Ukrainian forces isn’t up for the task of attacking their own nuclear power plant, and so Nuland is looking to replace him with Budanov, who will become the next Zelenskyy if he commits this war crime for the US State department. If these rumors are being considered by Russia, you can expect a major push to take control of Ukraine before it’s too late.