The next Bonus distribution (D), will issue out on Friday 15th May 2020, and the spreads are as follows:

  • Bonus Type 1 –    Wallets with 0.9 ILN or more, will receive 5 ILN;
  • Bonus Type 2 –    Wallets with 50 ILN or more, will receive 60 ILN;            These wallets also  qualify for Bonus Type 1, giving a total bonus of 65  ILN,  per qualifying wallet;

Anyone wishing to participate, and invest in the ilien project, should ensure that they have an ILN wallet balance of one ilien or more, before 13.30 hrs GMT  on the Friday 15th May 2020;

Ilien coin can be purchased at https://www.woolstangray.eu/ilien-crypto-coin-ilien-io/

For more information, download the discord app from https://discordapp.com/ , and use this invite link https://discord.gg/wjnCDQv to access ilien specific information posts on discord;

For general information access ilien website at https://ilien.io/ ;

An announcement for bonus distribution E, will be issued, on discord;

For and on behalf of the ilien team