Understanding Your Slavery | How Government Education and Media is run by Organized Crime

Etienne de la Boetie^2 takes us deep down the rabbit hole of how society and it’s institutions are and have for generations been manipulated by groups of Inter-Generational Criminal Gangs!

It’s starts as early as The 1st Grade, where Mandatory Government Education (which was a staple of all Fascist Dictatorships throughout history like the Soviet Union) attacks our Children’s Minds and Sovereignty into the Cult of Statism

It doesn’t stop there however, it continues into Secondary Education as well, with the Government and AMA Colluding together forcing ANYONE who wishes to “Practice Medicine” to go through the “Drug Based” Model of Treatment even if they are well aware of it’s ineffectiveness and wish to practice Alternative Medicine.

And Don’t even get us started on Vaccines and that whole Epidemic…

It’s all contained in this jam-packed interview! We hope after watching, you will have fully Understood your Slavery and that the time to act is NOW!!!