Two Scientists Stumble Upon the Formation of Microscopic Galaxies, Black Holes, and Stars – Revolutionary Implications

Mark L. LeClair and Eric Dollard are two scientists and technologists who independently stumbled upon a category of phenomena that could revolutionize everything we once thought we knew about the origins of the universe and life, which may lead to technologies we could use to create a sustainable future for humanity. 

Below you will find two of the videos I discovered in the process of writing my book REGENERATE: Unlocking Your Body’s Radical Resilience Through the New Biology, which opened my mind to an entire new world of exciting if not revolutionary possibilities. 

While REGENERATE may appear to be a conventional “health book,” chapter 3 is titled, “The New Biophysics: A Deep Dive into the Quantum Rabbit Hole of Esoteric Physiology,” and touches on topics most relevant to the epochal transitions we are presently in the midst of undergoing, such as moving away from fossil fuels.

First, is the video by Mark LeClair, CEO of Nanospire, LLC, wherein he describes the incredible implications of water cavitation, including the induction of a micro-stellar nucleosynthesis event, preceded by a micro-black hole formation.  



To fully grasp the importance of his findings, view his powerpoint presentation titled, “DISCOVERY OF MACROCATIONIC CRYSTALLINE H2O CAVITATION REENTRANT JETS & THEIR ROLE IN CAVITATION ZERO POINT ENERGY, FUSION & THE ORIGIN OF LIFE,” which he presented at The Seventh Annual Conference on the Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Water, October 18-21, 2012.

Next is the work of electrical engineer and theorist Eric Dollard, known by his followers as “Tesla 2.0,” who describes his accidental discovery of a minature galaxy through (skip to minute 10:00 to jump to the heart of it): 



For those who would like to get a better sense of this man’s expertise, watch his astoundingly in depth, 3 hour long History and Theory of Electricity here.

Why am I sharing this information? It is beyond belief, is it not? But what if it happened, and what if it is happening all the time? Everything we thought we knew about the origin of matter, life, and this universe as taught within conventional institutions may be wrong — or, at least partially incorrect — as these anomalous events demand explanation if they are indeed real as described. 

I’d love to hear your response to this information! 

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