Trump’s 3rd Indictment May Backfire

QUESTION: Marty, Your experience in law is well known. What is your opinion of Trump’s new indictment?


ANSWER: Never in the entire history of the United States have we EVER witnessed such political corruption using the Department of Justice. They had tapes of Richard Nixon that would have convicted him but they did not prosecute him for fear that it was not in the best judgment for the nation. Nixon had won by the highest vote, and the fact that the people caught in the break-in were actually CIA people. Nixon had a meeting with the head of the CIA and bluntly just said he knew who killed JFK.

Here we have the most desperate case against Trump, which is obviously political. In this case, you have the president of the United States engaging in political speech, and even if it is an outright lie, as so many presidents have done, it cannot be a crime. As the president, he even had a fiduciary duty to question the validity of the election, as did Hillary, when he was being told by people under oath from around the country that there were problems with the election.

The Biden Administration now has the burden to tear down the First Amendment for the government must now prove in this case, beyond a reasonable doubt, that the president’s speech is not protected by the First Amendment. That will apply to Biden and every president until the country collapses. I would be shocked if that would be upheld by the Supreme Court, even if they get the DC judge, who is notoriously biased, to rule that Trump had no First Amendment rights – as I expect she will do solely for political purposes.

There was even a lawsuit filed against Congress that they refused to investigate the 2020 election when that was their fiduciary duty to do so. I would be subpoenaing all the documents behind that decision. I would bet this judge will protect all the Democrats, and we may see the denial of subpoena powers with a motion to the Supreme Court. I do not expect Trump to get a fair trial in Washington, DC. This will only tarnish the United States even more internationally. Foreign governments will begin to think twice about holding the US government’s sovereign debt. They should switch to AAA corporate – ASAP!

Trump also had a responsibility as a United States president to raise those issues. The Biden Administration now argued that Trump’s advocacy was criminal behavior when Hillary made false claims about Putin creating RussiaGate, costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars that proved they were false allegations DELIBERATELY made up by the Democrats. The Democratic Party was even fined for doing so. You cannot square the treatment of Hillary v Trump and pretend this is the rule of law.

The respect and trustworthiness of the United States is collapsing globally. The United States used to be the beacon of LIBERTY in the world. Those days are gone. I have been warning that the 2024 election would be the MOST corrupt in American history. That forecast made ten years ago shows how accurate Socrates has been long-term.

The federal government likely facilitated the events that occurred on January 6, 2021. The FBI has refused to answer questions regarding how many agents they had there. They successfully drew the public’s eye away from the election fraud that took place and portrayed Trump supporters as domestic terrorists. In the video above, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) questioned Jill Sanborn, Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. “I can’t answer that,” Sanborn replied to every question. That, to me, is TREASON to the Constitution – the nation comes BEFORE the Deep State. This is why the United States, as we have known it, will NOT exist post-2032.

Cruz provided Sanborn with clear evidence of FBI involvement. On January 5, a man they call Ray Epps was filmed on video enticing the crowd to break into the Capitol the following day. His behavior was so questionable that the crowd began chanting, “Fed! Fed!” It was clear to them that he was not there to protest peacefully. On the day of the Capitol “siege,” Epps is filmed talking to another man before they begin removing the barricades. The men began encouraging others to join them.

On January 8, the FBI released pictures of the men removing the barricade and asking for any information leading to their arrests. Yet, the same image was later posted with Epps photoshopped out of the picture. Again, Sanborn refused to answer why this photo was altered. Sanborn refused to say whether Epps was an FBI agent. Her silence should tell us all we need to know. This is why the public and the world have lost all faith in this corrupt Biden Administration.

The attorney for Capitol Hill protest participant Ray Epps, former FBI agent himself John Blischak, told The Epoch Times on Jan. 12 that his client has been interviewed by federal law enforcers and “unequivocally he is not an FBI informant.” That is very narrow. That does not say he was not working for the FBI for money, nor was he an agent. An informant is someone who rats other people out willingly. The strange thing is that while everyone else is being criminally charged, they dropped all charges against Epps.

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The Biden Administration is absolutely so afraid of Trump ending the careers of the Neocons and shutting down World War III that this 3rd Indictment is such a desperate attempt to use the 14th Amendment to prevent him from ever running for politics again. They made a HUGE mistake. This entire case rests upon the validity of the 2020 election. That means that Trump can now subpoena every place that was suspect in how they handled votes. They will have to prove he KNEW he really lost to create sedition. That seems to be a real stretch.


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This video clearly shows people were there who were not with the protesters. Yet every person there the Feds want to prosecute as a terrorist, except their own. If I were Trump, I would now subpoena the FBI for everyone who was there on January 6th, but also all the involvement of the FBI, CIA, and NSA in rigging the election. This can be far more devastating than these desperate people realize what they have done. Anyone who thinks the CIA could not rig the 2020 election so the Neocons could wage World War III is an absolute fool. Just as Nixon threatened the CIA that he knew who killed JFK because he was also against the Vietnam War, he had better realize that there is a Deep State and they see themselves as righteous.

Zelensky is perhaps the MOST corrupt head of state on the planet. He, too, tried to use the rule of law to imprison his opponent, the former president of Ukraine Poroshenko, who would also stop the war. At least there, the Ukrainian Court refused to imprison Poroshenko, realizing that such a move would only continue the outrageous corruption in Ukraine, which has now infected the Biden Administration. The IMF has pointed out that the sheer corruption in Ukraine has been the worst in the world. They wrote: “Fighting corruption is a key demand of the Ukrainian society, is crucial to achieving stronger and equitable growth, and is part of the government’s commitment under the program with the IMF.”

The Biden administration has undergone a coup, and the Neocons are in complete control of the country. They are destroying the United States, as our computer has forecast. There will NEVER be a return to normal. There is a massive migration from the North to the South. I urge DeSantis to drop out of the run for President. They will eat him for lunch and will NEVER allow him to enter the White House. Please stay right here in Florida, for we will have to build our own wall to separate from the evil empire that is consuming the country.