Trump and Pompeo Confirm Our Way Forward, Propaganda Begins to Dull, Panic Sets In

If you haven’t gotten it yet, this election and everything that we’ve been seeing for the past 4 years is not really about Trump. It’s about the central banking cabal aka the Globalists and Trump’s disruption of their stranglehold on the US.

On Monday, we saw Boris Johnson congratulate Biden’s presidential win – and in the same breath, he said he looked forward to working together on “Climate Change”.

Climate Change is code for the “Great Reset”, “Green New Deal”, “Agenda 21”, “New World Order”, etc. It is the Globalists’ scheme to impose the China Model of total censorship, social credit, vaccine passports, digital currency and the taxation of all corporations to finance so-called “green” energy initiatives that cannot replace fossil fuels.

The Great Reset is a ruse to trigger the collapse of the major Western economies and cause famine in the developing world. In short, the Climate Change agenda is one of genocide.

The central bank system aka the “Establishment” is a parasitic infestation of all the world’s nodes of power and wealth. The Cabal has been infesting and controlling governments and economies for centuries, by giving us the illusion of “Left” and “Right”, using boom and bust cycles and financing of wars to obscure their theft.

Their current system is imploding and they are desperate to rope us into their “Great Reset”, which is really about parasitizing and gutting the US so they can simply take it over. They’ll start by guilting and shaming us into volunteering our own demise.

Dave from the X22 Report does a great job of explaining how, with their failure to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016, the Establishment did not get their war, so they are using the pandemic to push their Great Reset. Today, we saw the British Royal Family announce the Great Reset in a video released by Prince Charles, indicating their belief, with the election of Joe Biden, that the US is now on board with their Reset agenda.

Dave says, “This was never about anything except the central bank. They are the ultimate power in all of this – that’s the “Invisible Enemy”. They control the world. When you control the creation of currency and you give the people an illusion, you have complete and utter control.

“They don’t need nuclear weapons, they don’t need an army. They don’t need any of that, because once you have a country in debt and people enslaved, you control them. And they’re very worried about the Federal Reserve. Why? Why are they worried about the Federal Reserve? Trump took the power away from them…

“And we can see that these Deep State players, the Mainstream Media, they’re very, very worried about this…

“It’s amazing, how these articles come out, when they think Biden has won: ‘Central Bankers Seek New Role in Brave New World.’ (Reuters). Why do you think there’s going to be a Brave New World? What are they planning?

“Well, the private Western central bank establishment, which is the Fed, the ECB, the IMF, the BIS – all the way up to the Rothschilds, they’re telling you right now: ‘Officials, including the heads of the ECB, US Federal Reserve and the Bank of England will attempt to figure out why monetary policy is not working as it used to and what new role they must play in the changed world.’

“They’re not just resetting it, they’re taking complete and utter control over it. That’s what they’re trying to do! And remember, they’re putting this out there, because they believe they’re in control. They are not. They believe they have the US in on this plan, because they believe that Biden is going to help with this. They think it’s a done deal.

“Actually, they couldn’t wait any longer. The system was imploding. It’s been imploding for a very long time. They never expected it to last this long. All this stimulus and negative rates? This is life support. This doesn’t make economies grow. It just keeps the heart beating. That is it.

“They’ve known for a very long time that they needed to reset the system and we’ve talked about this in many, many reports. And if you’re new to this, the private Western central bank system is not part of any government. It is a private corporation. The owners are not part of a country, a people, they have their own organization and it leads all the way up to the Rothschilds. And remember, this is the third one here, in the United States.

“So, now, they’re building the idea – the narrative – that the economy is going to fall apart. What are they using for this narrative? They’re using the idea that the resurgence of this virus is going to bring down the economy.

“Remember when Biden talked about a ‘Dark Winter’? This was their plan. Their plan was the “Reset”. Their plan was to shut the entire system down and have it reboot.

“Now, was this going to benefit everyone? This was going to hurt many, many people. And those people that were in 2000, 2009, well, this was going to be 100 times worse. And those people that weren’t hurt during that period of time, it’s going to affect everyone, just like when we moved from the Gold Standard to the Petrodollar system. People couldn’t get fuel. The unemployment rate was astronomically high. Other countries had a very difficult time…

“This is what they are planning. They are building the narrative right now, to make everyone believe that the system is going to be coming down, and they’re going to be restarting the new system…

“There’s one problem and that is Trump. But they’ve already signaled that they’re moving forward with this. And this individual, who we all know is Prince Charles, he decided he was going to come out and send the message. Remember, the Royal Family, the politicians around the world – they’re all part of this system.

“Trump, right now, he’s not just breaking the Deep State system, where we can elect a leader, he’s breaking the entire Deep State central bank system, all at the same time. This is what we are witnessing. This is the Storm.”