To The Young, The Warriors, and The Elderly

Time stood still for all of us. Days that once moved so quickly, often feel like quicksand, as we all struggle to find our compass and direction in these changing times. This is a worldwide movement battling against evil that has seeped into every institution and has been controlling us all for many, many decades. It should be observed from a birds eye view to get full perspective of the grand scale of this spiritual battle and how we are all exactly where we are supposed to be, right here, right now. This will not be an easy road to travel, and it’s never been done before on this scale, but the reward will be worth it – to restore justice, to restore compassion and community, to create new ways moving forward that do not further jeopardize our health, our livelihood, or our children.

To All of The Children

My heart aches most for you. Your world suddenly came to a halt. You could no longer go to school, laugh on the playground, or spend time with your friends. The doors kept closing around you, and everywhere you turned people were wearing masks, and it must have been so scary and confusing. As a child, your friends are your whole world, and that was taken away from you. They closed up all of your favorite places, including summer camps, sports, swimming pools and water parks. Your summer family vacations had to be postponed. You could probably see the worry on your parents faces, and that must have been scary as well. That’s why it’s so important to focus on laughter and release the fears.

There will be times in the future where things or events will remind you of this time, and it may upset you. Just remember that you got through it, your parents kept you safe, and you will be okay. Remember the nature walks, the games you played with your family, the extra time you got to spend with your parents and your pets, and how happy you were to get to see your friends again. Remember those happy moments filled with love, because they will always carry you through. Know that we are fighting for you, will guide you, and do everything we can to protect you as you evolve into young adults with the heart of a warrior.

To All of The College Students and Young Adults

I don’t envy this challenge you are faced with. You have had a lot thrown at you in just a short amount of time and trying to reconcile all of it while still in the middle of indoctrination is tricky and difficult. You have no doubt been dealt a tough hand. The peer pressure in today’s world makes everything more challenging. Many of you missed your proms and graduations, never to get those back. Those are important moments that were taken away from you. One day you will understand the true dynamics of this situation, and how it was weaponized against all of us, and how important it is for everyone to unite. Hopefully that time comes sooner than later.

You are the most important group to the future of this country, and the world for that matter. Though many of these experiences are painful, they are necessary for mankind to evolve, justice to be restored, and the creation of new systems. Realizing the spiritual and psychological battle taking place between good and evil, is critical. Understanding our true history and how this country and world have operated and been run by very few holding power over the masses, is vital. Letting go of everything you think you know, stripping it all down to raw knowledge, tapping into your intuition, and educating yourself on both the realities and the illusions, is absolutely necessary.

It’s a tall order and a lot of responsibility. Everyone has or is experiencing this and needs to go through this transition and education process, but your group is the one that needs to move mountains for future generations. Some of you are already young warriors leading the way. It’s time to set things right for humanity. It’s time to cut through the propaganda you have been indoctrinated with and see with clarity. But cut yourself some slack, as you have all been through a lot, and balance is needed. Be sure to cut loose and have some fun, laugh with your friends, and keep love in your heart, for it will guide you through the days ahead.

To All of The Middle-aged Warriors

You are my kin. We have been through hell and back. Many of us have been fighting this battle for a long time. We saw this coming, we know the game well, we spot the propaganda, and we know who’s behind each action taken to keep the human race dumbed-down and numbed up. It’s been quite a roller coaster ride, but we are pushing through and making headway, though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

You are the ones who must remain the strongest, for many of you are raising the children and young adults. Recognize that what they are all having to endure is very traumatic and they need a high level of compassion, safety, and stability right now. Teach them and educate them on truth but go easy because their minds are being jacked up, unraveled, and mystified all at once.

We are the exhausted ones – the fatigued, but we continue to fight because we know exactly what is at stake. Sometimes we feel defeated and have to brush ourselves off and get back up again. To all of my fellow warriors – I salute you, I thank you, and I love you for having the courage to fight, the will to endure, and the faith to hold the light. We will see this through together.

To Our Elders

This one hits home. To all of the older folks who have spent their lives serving our communities, building up our economy, fighting for this country, and raising your families with love, devotion, and integrity – you have my heart. To have given so much, to have worked so hard, and to now be faced with this chaos, it must be incredibly stifling, burdensome, and depressing. Many are probably frightened or saddened by the idea of one day leaving behind your children and grandchildren in a world that feels like it’s moving into communism.

But fear not, as we warriors will never allow that to happen. We will carry the children and young adults through this, and they will carry on the torch. After all, it is your generation that taught us integrity, responsibility, loyalty, and determination.

Some of the information coming out must be overwhelming to see how much has been manipulated for decades, the lies you’ve been told, and the propaganda you’ve been fed. This is devastating to all of us, but I imagine it’s more difficult for you after spending a lifetime here. Don’t feel duped, shame, or guilt over any of these revelations. It was well concealed and has taken many decades to finally surface. Try to take stock in knowing that you are here now to witness one of the greatest transformations ever to happen on earth, and you helped to build many of the warriors fighting this battle today.

You have already given so much, that your love and prayers alone carry us all through. This is your time to try to relax, enjoy your families and nurture yourselves – you deserve it!

Today we fight. Together we will succeed. In the end, we will all be together again. Love conquers all.