These are selected quotes from ‘One Nation Under Blackmail’ author, Whitney Webb, from the Library of Wealth YouTube Channel, talking about the Globalists’ new push to monetize nature and impose a biodigital ID and programmable, surveillable currencies and about the endless “Zero Carbon” scams that are actually land grabs that are being tested in the Global South, to eventually be brought here.


Whitney Webb: They’re taking US Empire out of it and they’re having it basically be a direct weapon of the bankers. So instead of the bankers buying up US politicians and influencing US Empire and getting what they want that way, they’re “re-imagining” it, to basically create this new economic system that we’ve seen bits of, over the past few years, the idea of programmable, surveillable money and also this idea of a “voluntary” Carbon Market, the goal of which is to have it be voluntary and name only – not unlike digital ID and all of that stuff.


The IMF, the World Bank are intimately tied with US Empire. The US Military even admitted, in documents that were published by WikiLeaks, that they’re financial weapons of the US Military, the IMF and the World Bank.

Library of Wealth Narrator: Today, we have Whitney Webb discussing the plan for 2024 by big banks and the elite and predicts that the mechanism to bring everything down has already begun.

She says we’ve already seen financial giants like BlackRock using crypto and Bitcoin to control the money supply, but now the next level of control has started to unfold. After the approval of the Bitcoin ETF earlier this year, we’re seeing a strategic securing of lucrative government contracts, which Webb predicted the push towards a digital ID system, tied to financial surveillance aimed to control and monitor transactions.


With the goal now, to eliminate financial privacy, a system of programmable money is being created that can only be used and directed by authorities. While the dollar may be the last one to fall, there’s a massive plan to completely tear down the way we use money. And this is only the beginning.

Let’s get right into the video with Whitney Webb, as she gives her prediction for what’s coming in 2024.

Whitney Webb: It’s been criticized by people on the Left and the Right. And then there’s been, time and time again, it’s been revealed by even mainstream media.

You can look at the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero that was created by Mark Carney and Mike Bloomberg, which somehow, the UN decided were the best people for the job of “saving the planet”. They’re in charge of Climate Finance for the United Nations. The stop-and-frisk New York mayor-billionaire from Salomon Brothers, Mike Bloomberg, and the head of a former head of the Bank of England and Bank of Canada and former Goldman Sachs guy, Mark Carney. That’s who’s saving the planet for the UN.

They’re the ones “re-imagining” this, the whole multilateral development banking system. And part of this involves this Carbon Market play where the World Bank, along with Google and some other actors are developing “climate wallets”. It’s designed to run on, I believe, the Chia Network, which is the guy that invented BitTorrent, his new project.

And they claim to be sort of like a “net zero blockchain”, I guess. And basically the idea of it is for people to participate in the Carbon Market to come and the idea of people being able to monetize nature.

And there’s a whole lot of stuff going on with Carbon Credits and Carbon Markets, right now. And it’s a very murky legal area. And I’m very concerned about it, because there’s this whole mentioned – but relatively unexplored issue – of so-called “carbon rights”, where the person that buys the carbon credit can get “rights” to the carbon in the forest, the credit represents. Does that make sense? So like, I buy a carbon credit in this forest, this Colombian rainforest, and now I am the potentially the owner of the carbon in those trees, so I can decide what happens to that carbon.

And the people that actually own the land – or like Colombians – they don’t necessarily own it, anymore. Potentially. This is like this murky, gray-area. So it’s opening the way up, I think, to some land grabs in the Global South.

So a lot of very disturbing things happening in Carbon Market Land. And even under the idea of reducing CO2 levels and all of that, the Carbon Market, as it’s been functioning, just hasn’t done that. Up to 90% of all carbon credits on the market right now are completely worthless and meaningless.

So it’s basically like the junk bond scandal of the 1980s, again. And what’s interesting is that the person that invented Carbon Markets and carbon credit trading is a guy named Richard Sander, who worked at Drexel Burnham Lambert, the junk bond scandal bank of the 1980s.

He was a Senior Vice President until he was brought in by the George Bush Senior administration to apply free markets to environmental issues for Bush Senior’s EPA – and then, was contacted by this Rockefeller oligarch guy who was at the UN, named Maurice Strong to develop the same solution for carbon – and he’s also the father of Derivatives of Financial Futures, which, of course helped explode in 2008. So the guy that invented all of that is the guy that invented Carbon Credit Trading and he also wants to make a market just like that for free water and free air. So you can, you know, get basically taxed on that, too.

Library of Wealth Narrator: Webb has been warning for months that powerful players, like BlackRock [are coming] into the Bitcoin space, this is definitely a negative development in crypto.

She asserts that these institutions are set to control a significant portion of the cryptocurrency supply, and emphasizes the importance of resisting this obvious influence on the market.

Whitney Webb: I think a lot of this, we’re going to be seeing, going forward, this push to have economically-destabilized countries in Latin America turn towards dollar-denominated stablecoins – like, that’s happening in Argentina, for example – because of the issues with the peso, there and how it’s been devalued so much, even under Milei. People are flocking to dollars essentially, but like stablecoins, either like Tether, USDT, or Circles, USDC. And this whole crypto ecosystem in Argentina is pretty much, you know, largely managed by this one particular network that’s intimately tied to the satellite company I was talking about.

They’re all tied up with this group called Endeavor, which Endeavor has an Argentina branch, they have branches really all over the world, they’re based in the United States. Their board is chaired by Edgar Bronfman, Jr. of the Bronfman family, which, if you’re familiar with my books, is intimately tied to organized crime and basically, the people behind Justin Trudeau.

And another person on their board is Reid Hoffman, who’s the co-founder of LinkedIn, who was a part of the so-called PayPal mafia, and probably the closest person in Silicon Valley to Jeffrey Epstein.

Reid Hoffman is a big funder of Democrat causes and the Democrats, but other members of the quote-unquote PayPal Mafia are very much supportive of Trump. For example, Peter Thiel was a big force on Trump’s Transition Team, people that worked very closely for Thiel and Thiel’s Palantir, basically directed all the early policy decisions and appointments of Trump’s Department of Defense. And there’s been a lot of connections, I think, still between PayPal Mafia and Trump.

And you have someone like Elon Musk, also, sort of posturing publicly anyway as a Libertarian and sort of in that Right- Populist camp. So I think this particular network has people who play to both sides of the political machine, which is frankly, if you want to get lots of lucrative government contracts, I mean, that’s what you do!

Frankly, it’s hard to know where we will be, but I think it’s pretty clear, that there’s certain efforts to push people in a particular direction. I think it’s been clear for a long time, and as I’m sure you’re aware, there’s a push to onboard everyone to a digital ID system. Vaccine Passports, during COVID were a big part of this.

But there’s been all sorts of pushes for it. For example, WorldCoin: Sam Altman, scan-your-eyeball, get-a-unique-digital ID in a wallet, you can have tokens in. People in the Global South that like are, they’re basically being bribed to give up their biometric data for the guy that runs OpenAI with Microsoft and stuff.

These digital ID initiatives are consistently tested on vulnerable stateless people, but the goal is to have it rolled out globally, and to have it be interfaced with a digital wallet, where the money is programmable and surveillable. So a lot of people have been talking about CBDC’s, central bank-issued digital currency, but there’s also going to be digital currencies just as surveillable and programmable that are issued by the private sector and the Wall Street banks – and that isn’t being talked about enough.

So one of the stablecoins I mentioned earlier, that people in Argentina are being rapidly onboarded to, because their currency is being destroyed, Tether recently onboarded the FBI and Secret Service to its platform. So everyone that uses Tether gets to use their money under the watchful eye of American intelligence, essentially.

And those same actors, the FBI and the Secret Service, are part of this public-private partnership housed within the World Economic Forum. It’s basically US, Israeli and UK intelligence plus a lot of big banks and PayPal. Their ambition is to end online anonymity and with that, also, financial anonymity. So we’re seeing unprecedented crackdowns on financial privacy tools, both for cryptocurrency and for regular transactions, and big pushes from all across the internet, really, to have you tie your government-issued ID to what you do online, whether it’s your social media account – or really anything.

And so the goal here is to create a completely surveillable system, based on biometrics and with money that the government – or whoever – can directly program and surveil. So programming, it means that you can only use the money for what they say you can use it for, and you can only send it to who they say you can send it to.

The goal is to onboard the whole world onto that, and they consistently test this stuff first on the Global South. So what this article is about is a big effort to essentially wrap-up a significant amount of Latin America by focusing at the sub-national level, the local level, onto these kinds of systems, under the guise of, “We must decarbonize now”. But really, if you look at sort of like the fine print, I guess you could say, of this program, the “decarbonization funds” go toward a specific company that’s tied up with this particular group that’s trying to build an intercontinental power SmartGrid from the Americas, and they’ve been testing their smart grid in poor communities in Los Angeles, actually, in the US and also in Colombia and some other countries, with the idea of having it all tied together and having energy be currency, and the idea is to move away from currency, as we know it now, and have all these commodity-backed currencies and that people “trade energy” or “trade carbon credits”.

And basically, it’s complicated. There’s a lot of different reasons for why they’re moving in that direction. Part of it is because of the insane amount of debt that the world is saddled with. You have to park that debt in certain places. You have to find ways to manage it, right? And so, you know, some of these stablecoins are being used for that. Carbon credits are being used for that.

Actually, RFK’s Vice President, Nicole Shanahan, was running or managing a project at Stanford Law that was about using Carbon Credits to facilitate quantitative easing, which is, you know, the endless money printing by the Federal Reserve.

So, there’s been a lot of efforts to look at what they’re going to do with the debt, and essentially, they have to remake the financial system, but they’re making it in a way where it’s completely surveillable and controllable – and these are really the ambitions that the US National Security State had right after 9/11 and tried to impose on everybody.

Total Information Awareness, for example, was a program that they tried to enact, and there was a big uproar about it at the time in, like, 2003, 2004, because even the New York Times and stuff knew that it was going to completely eliminate privacy for the average American. The ambition of this program was to surveil literally everything, including people’s, like, health signals to prevent pandemics before they can happen, to prevent financial crime before it can happen.

Library of Wealth Narrator: Webb foresees a looming economic catastrophe driven by collapsing fiat money systems, rampant inflation, and bank failures. She suggests transitioning to a Bitcoin standard might be on the horizon, as the world grapples with the impending crisis. She asserts that the promises made by the Federal Reserve and central banks have been hollow, leading to excessive money printing and a proliferation of poor investments.

And with the aftermath of the recent inflation surge, Webb says this will not lead to a return to the status quo.

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