They Aren’t Protecting Biden, They’re Protecting Obama

Former Secret Service agent, Dan Bongino was on President Barack Obama’s security detail. He seen things that he’s never disclosed publicly but he’s becoming angry enough that he may start doing so.

He says nobody disputes the bank records showing millions of dollars of bribes funneling from bad actors in various nations into the bank accounts of at least 9 Biden Crime Family members, including his grandchildren during the time period in which he was Vice President, with zero power to personally change US Government policy.

He asks, how did Obama not know about this rank corruption? Dan believes that Obama probably did know. The FBI has harbored the informant’s allegations since 2017.


“Who was President when the Collusion Hoax was invented? Wow! It was Obama, so strange!

“The Spygate Scandal: When they started started spying on the Trump campaign, who was President? Gosh, let me think about that. That’s right! It was Obama.

“The Hillary Email Scandal: Who appointed Hillary as Secretary of State and who was Hillary Clinton emailing in the Hillary Email Scandal, classified information? She was appointed by Obama and she was emailing Obama on his BlackBerry.

“The Biden Bribery Scandal: Where we now have an informant for the FBI who has indicated as far back as 2020, three years ago, that Biden took a $5 million bribe in exchange for policy decisions.

“Biden was the Vice President when this is alleged to have happened, so how the Hell could Biden take a bribe for policy decisions he couldn’t make, because Ladies and Gentlemen, the Vice President doesn’t make policy decisions. Who does? That’s right! Obama!…

“All roads lead to Obama! Every single one of these scandals – they are not protecting who you think they’re protecting. They are protecting Obama. Why? The “why” matters. Why?

“Obama is their Golden Calf man. You gotta understand. Take yourself out of your sanity mode for a minute and put yourself into the Insane Left mode. Who is their god – small “g” god – of politics? Obama! He is effectively their Reagan. Imagine you’re one of them now…

“The minute that Obama’s legacy gets tarnished with the truth of it – that it was the most scandal-ridden, corrupt presidency in US history – when the truth comes out on that, you need to understand that Liberalism’s ‘tolerant, Coexist, we’re-better-than-you-filthy-conservative-slobs’ image is going to be tarnished…

“Liberals need America to believe in their propaganda efforts, that they’re our betters. They’re our moral betters, they care more, they run a more efficient government, government’s a good thing.

“If their biggest advocate for this model turns out to be the most corrupt president in US history, while simultaneously using the weapons of government for his corruption, while simultaneously advocating that Big Government’s a good thing, their whole moral reason for being falls apart!

“Do you understand? Am I explaining that well?…Because if you don’t get this, you’re never going to understand anything on this show, it’s a waste of our time.

“You need to understand that. Their entire reason for being is Big Government. Obama’s their champion. He used Big Government, not for good but to F* people. Once it comes out, it’ll make a world of sense.”