The Warrior Path of Seeking Truth, Deep State, & Child Trafficking – David Whitehead | TCM #40 (Part 1)

David Whitehead from the Truth Warrior Podcast and Unslaved (with Michael Tsarion) joins Bernhard Guenther to talk about his journey of seeking truth. We talk about the forces behind the current events from a psychological, political, esoteric, and spiritual perspective. David shares his research into cults and how it ties into the current matrix agenda of Marxist Socialism/Collectivism vs. the Individual, the possibility of a mass awakening vs further control, and people policing each other. Furthermore, we discuss Anarchism/Voluntaryism vs. government/statism, leadership, and integrating/unifying the male/female (right/left) aspects of consciousness, the trap of seeking freedom externally without sincere psychological and esoteric self-work, and more.

In the second hour, David shares his view on Trump in light of current geopolitical events, the symbolic significance, the healthy masculine archetype, and the attack on the West. We talk about Trump’s character and business/political strategies vs. the programmed view of him from the Mockingbird “Fake News” MSM, and what Qanon and other people project towards him. David shares his research into the “Great Global Reset”, the World Economic Forum, and the end-game of the globalist NWO.

Furthermore, David talks about the Art of War strategy of Qanon intel drops, the dark topic of child trafficking and satanic ritualistic abuse, and how it all is all being normalized and infiltrated symbolically on an occult level in the mainstream and entertainment industry. We discuss how this relates to the Deep State agenda and how the exposure of these darkest secrets could unify us all. David also shares his philosophical view and approach of the warrior path in light of the awakening process and the importance of balancing the inner and outer work so we don’t become what we fight against.

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