The Truth About the Club of Rome and Serpent Symbolism with Michael Tsarion and David Whitehead

David Whitehead and Michael Tsarion do a mind-blowing, deep dive into the secret societies that have declared war on the human race. Tsarion says that the US Government is “overwhelmingly” controlled by Knights of Malta.

He says, “Wherever you see Skull & Bones, you’ll see Knights of Malta. Wherever you find Opus Dei, you’ll find Knights of Malta. They’re all considered Catholic organizations but that’s, again false. They own Catholicism.”

The Knights of Malta, the Hospitallers, Templars, etc permeate the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome. The philosophy underpinning the unconventional warfare being unleashed upon us today was originally cooked-up by the Club of Rome, which former MI-6 agent, Dr John Coleman, described in 1994 as:

“One of the most insidious, baneful organizations in existence today, which has done intolerable, immeasurable harm to the United States of America…

“This Committee of 300 told a man called Aurelio Peccei to form this Club of Rome with the main object of bringing down the industries and the agricultural development of the United States.

“He immediately wrote a paper in which he said there are too many people on the Earth and that the United States, with its industrial development, its agricultural development is responsible for this curse of overpopulation.

“I was able to, through my intelligence people get a copy of this insidious document. Basically, what it said was that the Middle Class in the United States of America had to be destroyed, because in the coming push to a World Order, the Middle Class would be the stumbling block.

“The Club of Rome post-industrial, zero growth paper said, ‘This has got to stop. We have to bring down the Middle Class of the United States and the way that we will do this, the way that we will accomplish this task is by crushing their industries.’”