The Real Backdrop Nobody Will Discuss

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The only way to avoid World War III is to listen to both sides. The refusal to listen ensures that we will move into World War III, and this is not my opinion; unfortunately, our computer has never been wrong, for it is unbiased. It called BREXIT when nobody else did, and also forecast that Trump would win in 2016 when everyone thought that was impossible.

This time if our computer could hide under the covers in bed going into 2023, it would. We have the most incompetent crop of world leaders perhaps in human history, and the press is so anti-Putin that they are fueling hatred of all Russians which is vital to justify war. Not a single person will listen to both sides, and the people are being played as fools just as they were with COVID.

Putin’s speech has a lot of truth, for no dispute is ever just one-sided. The West has constantly moved eastward to the very borders of Russia. When Russia attempted to do the same to the USA by putting missiles in Cuba, we reached the brink of war, and only then did the world hold its breath and finally blinked. That crisis was avoided only because of a Russian who disagreed with his country’s propaganda, and risked his life and that of his family to save the world, for which he was punished. (see the Courier).

However, it certainly appears that world leaders are deliberately pushing us into World War III. In Slovakia, it’s now a crime to express any “acceptance of support” of the Russian actions or of their leaders, and special police commandos are hunting down people who do so in public offline or online. The punishment is 10-25 years in prison or up to a maximum of life. The Czech Republic is adopting the same law, but the punishment will be 1 to 3 years in prison. This is obviously inviting war, for this is ending any discussion or negotiation.

Putin is in power BECAUSE of the antics of the New York Bankers with the support of the Clintons. Are we in a grudge match against one man that the West has blamed for even putting Trump in office and now that justifies World War III? This is the backdrop that everyone should know before they send their boys off to die.

Let’s follow the money. Ever since the United States under the Clintons authorized the NY bankers to try to take over Russia with their own puppet, Boris Berezovsky, there has been a direct unspoken World War III that began in the financial markets. I was personally asked to invest $10 billion into Safra & Browder’s joint venture Hermitage Capital Management in 1999. I declined for our model warned that Russia was unstable. I was told they had that covered.


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I believe Hermitage Capital Management, which they wanted me to invest $10 billion, was not against corruption. It was fostering corruption. I also met with the producer of the Magnitsky Act film in Germany, Andrei Nekrasov, who began the film as an anti-Putin proponent came to see that he was being used. Andrei saw that the culprit was not Putin, but the bankers. When his film turned on the bankers and exposed all the people who mysteriously died who could have testified against them besides Magnitsky, I believe Browder or his lawyers went to the EU government to ban the film. Even the film on me, the Forecaster, was supposed to be on NETFLIX, and suddenly it too was banned. We all know what is now happening in this canceled culture. Tell the truth, and you are canceled.

The bankers were constantly trying to get me to join their schemes. When the banks would lose, they blamed me, claiming I had too much influence since they greased the palms of politicians and agencies, including the International Monetary Fund (IMF). A few months before, Safra held a big dinner for the IMF in Washington, DC. I was invited to show me that they had the IMF in their back pocket. You see, the way they operated was always to bribe your way to the guaranteed trade.



Republic National Bank was also in cahoots with the US Treasury and was shipping skids of $100 bills to Russia. The link between the Clinton Administration and Republic National Bank was firmly in place. This is why all the bankers donated to Hillary yet banned their own people from donating to Donald Trump. The Clintons were 100% behind the bankers.

The Clintons made student loans non-dischargeable in bankruptcy for the bankers. Then the bankers got the parents to co-sign, and suddenly they had their houses all exempt from bankruptcy. They could just wipe people out financially, including the entire families, and throw them out on the street. This is all for an education that never taught even common sense, and rarely does anyone ever do what they ended up with a degree in except doctors, lawyers, and other specific training courses. There are no degrees in heading a country, running a bank, or even being a hedge fund manager.


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So the bankers wanted to take over Russia for all the hard-money assets — gold, oil, platinum, diamonds, etc. This is why the Clintons were supported by the bankers and the idea was with the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, they would be able to take over Russia for all the wealth. The speculation was that the Clintons allowed the bankers to scheme their take over of Russia, then NATO would move to the border with China and they would surround them. Yet, NATO claims it is defensive but always moves strategically in an offensive manner. Without Russia, there would be no need for NATO. So absorbing Russia would transform its purpose to now confront China. Putin even asked what if Russia joined NATO, and they laughed.


CNN Theft of IMF Money – Sep. 1, 1999

Republic National Bank convinced Yeltsin to grab $7 billion from the IMF loans. They got him to wire $7 billion and steered the wire through a bank that was NOT part of the “club” – Bank of New York. As soon as the wire was made, Republic National Bank ran to the Department of Justice to rat them out over money laundering. In the end, the Bank of New York two bankers pled guilty claiming it was a ransom for a Russian businessman. The transcript clearly shows that the judge never even asked who had $7 billion in cash to pay a ransom. The judge simply says thank you and gives them house arrest for 6 months after the prosecutors said they fully cooperated.

When Republic ran to the government, they then blackmailed Yeltsin telling him that he would not run for president in 2000 and he was to appoint Boris Berezovsky. Yeltsin, now realizing he was set up, turned to Putin to save Russia. Putin was made his heir in August 1999 and Edmond Safra fled to Monaco for “security reasons.” I was told when I wanted to fly to Geneva to meet with him on August 28, 1999.

The guys in the bank on the metals desk knew what was going on and gave me a list of six phone lines to get because they were recorded. Safra would call the bank and ask where gold was and then transferred to who he wanted to speak to. But because he first called the metals desk, his phone calls were all recorded. They moved to subpoena those phone lines and the Department of Justice rushed in and demanded a protective order to ensure those recordings would never see the light of day.



I helped who wrote that piece in December 2000 – “Death in Monaco.” It was just a matter of a couple of weeks after I subpoenaed those phone lines that Safra was murdered in Monaco. Dominick told me that there were bullets in Safra’s body. Dominick also told me he was sitting in a restaurant in Paris and someone came up to him and warned him — “Be careful what you write about.” I met the male nurse who was framed for Safra’s murder and who was suddenly released. They simply said he did not receive a fair trial with no other discussion.

While Safra was killed in Monaco, Boris Berezovsky died mysteriously in his bath in Britain to where he fled when Yeltsin turned to Putin. They kept me in contempt of court denied a trial because all of this would have come out. It took the Supreme Court to release me showing just how there are also no human rights in the USA when the government is trying to cover things up.

Why do you think Hillary made the entire claim that Putin interfered in the 2016 election? She thought it was payback for the intervention and blackmailing of Yeltsin not to run in 2000. What is now surfacing thanks to Durham is that Hillary Clinton and her top foreign policy advisor, Jake Sullivan, spread a bogus Trump-Russia “collusion” narrative. To enable this Soviet-style disinformation campaign, Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign hired a tech firm to “infiltrate” servers at Trump Tower in Manhattan and at the White House in order to link Donald Trump to Russia. To this day, there are still fools who have been brainwashed into hating Trump just so they would support any alternative and in the process, they have surrendered the future of their own posterity.

We know that Durham has proved that Hillary funded the entire Russia hoax. She even got John McCain to hand the fake document to the FBI James Comey, who when questioning Hillary made sure he took no notes so as to make certain she could never be prosecuted for lying to the FBI like Martha Stewart. What is really strange is that Bill Browder, who resigned his American citizenship to escape US worldwide taxation, was able to get John McCain to sponsor his Magnitsky Act trying to get his money back from Russia.

Guess what! It was Comey who was keeping me in contempt denied a trial which also benefited Hillary. In the end, it was Republic National Bank that stole the money and had to plead guilty because I told my clients the truth and that they had to come to sue the bank or they would never see a dime. All the recorded phone calls I had exposing the various banks and their manipulation of markets were seized by the government despite the fact they were “work product” for my defense, and then they claimed they were all destroyed conveniently in the 911 attack in building 7 which was never hit by any plane.

The government then put a gag order on me to stop me from helping my clients against the bankers. In New York City, the banks own the courts. That is why you will never see a banker go to jail. Here we have deep links showing what I have been saying that corruption in Washington is not confined just to the Democrats. Trump was wrong, it is not a “swamp” but instead, it is a sea.


You then must look at the whole Syria nonsense where the evil Putin stepped in. It was just one year after Qatar’s proposal to run a pipeline to Europe to knock out Russia from supplying gas to Europe in the plot to undermine the Russian economy. This is when Assad began negotiations for another pipeline plan with Iran, which would carry Iranian gas to Europe across Iraq and Syria. Russia endorsed this project since it would clearly have more control over gas flow rather than the U.S.-linked Qatar. This agreement would strategically strengthen the gas flow to Europe in Russia’s hands and was not acceptable to the USA. Consequently, the Iranian pipeline became a priority for Russia.

Damascus and Moscow began working together to block the Qatar pipeline and create the alternative Iranian pipeline, which has been the real backdrop to the current events. Meanwhile, Obama argued to invade Syria to protect its own citizens as argued to justify the invasion of Iraq. However, Americans were growing tired of endless wars and Obama’s grand scheme was rejected by the people. President Obama was even trying to launch a military attack on Syria while Congress was on vacation. The entire Syria propaganda was directed at trying to run the pipeline from Qutar to circumvent Russia in Europe and to starve it out of energy income.

Clearly, Obama had targeted Russia from the outset. There was a meeting between Obama and Putin at the United Nations where Putin tried to get Obama to side with Syria against ISIS which became a threat only because of the removal of Saddam. Obama rejected the proposal. So when Russian forces entered Syria on the ECM turning point to the day, it was an ominous event. Russia was not only backing the Assad regime, but it was also backing the Iranian pipeline. This is then what set in motion the refugee migration to Europe.

The US and UK, along with Russia’s neighbors Poland and Ukraine, strongly oppose Nord Stream 2. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky has called Nord Stream 2 “a dangerous political weapon” because Ukraine gets revenue from Russian gas flows. There is far more to this Ukrainian affair than just evil Putin invading a free democratic country that denied the right to vote on separatists since 2014.

Now, look at this map. You will see that Russia’s pipelines to Europe flow through Ukraine. This is why the Nord Stream 2 pipeline has been so opposed by the US and Ukraine. It is not environmental objections – it is the same political game. It is all about the effort to isolate Russia in hopes that that will overthrow Putin who they are responsible for bringing to power. The entire gas flow to Europe goes through Ukraine and nobody bothers to look at the political stakes in this game. This is why they needed to cut off Syria and it has put Ukraine at the center.

I wrote back in 2013 that “[t]he history of Ukraine is incredibly important in the entire Cycle of War” and that “Ukraine Maybe The Most Important Country To Watch.” Our computer has been highlighting Ukraine since 2014 when there was the revolution against Yanukovich.

The Russian gas company Gazprom has stopped transiting gas to Hungary via Ukraine, according to Kyiv. Ukrainian industry officials claim that gas is now bypassing the country to Budapest through a Black Sea pipeline since Hungary is declaring neutrality. The fear is that Ukraine would blow up that pipeline and blame Russia because Hungary has refused to support Ukraine.

A new contract was agreed by Hungary and Russia to transport 4.5 billion cubic meters of natural gas for 15 years, starting last week. The pipeline will flow south of Ukraine through the Black Sea, Austria, and Serbia, which is also pro-Russian, before reaching Hungary. Forget the war, the deal has been criticized by Zelensky as Ukraine will lose its status as the main transit country for Russian natural gas to the European Union, as well as billions of euros in revenue. But with Ukraine aligning with the US, it is a choke-point for Russia and hence the real objective of Nord Stream 2. Now perhaps you are starting to see the conflicts of interest with the Biden family and Ukraine. What did Hunter Biden do on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma?


The situation in Eastern Ukraine, where the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics have been fighting for self-determination for the past 8 years when they have been denied any right to even vote on their independence. Zelensky seems to be more of a puppet of the West than representing his own people. The republics of Lugansk and Donetsk in the Donbas region (LPR and DPR) declared independence after the 2014 coup in Kyiv that saw the overthrown of Yanukovych who was a native Russian speaking politician from the East.

Where Yanukovych passed a law making both Ukrainian and Russia recognized languages, Zelensky has subsequently passed anti-Russian language laws, affecting the largely Russian-speaking population of the two Donbas republics. Only Ukrainian is the officially recognized language. Donbas has since then been fighting against the Ukrainian government defending their democratic right to vote. What if the EU ordered that everyone in Europe must speak only French? Would that go over as freedom?

The Western press paints Russia as invading to end democracy which is actually the opposite of the truth. Putin has avoided taking the cities because he knows that massive civilian casualties will provide World War III providing great photo ops for CNN etc. Kyiv has branded the regions as separatist, launching a civil war against their own people that has now lasted for eight years. But if there is no negotiation, then Europe will not win against Putin if Russia really became aggressive.

Zelensky has allowed shelling the Donbas region. I can verify that Zelensky’s hero Dmytro Kotsyubaylo did indeed tell the press that he feeds the bones of Russian-speaking children to his pet wolf. This is not something that inspires the Donbas region to remain as part of Ukraine. Can you imagine if a California politician said they would feed the bones of Republican children to the wolves? I think the press would go crazy. 

These are also the ultra-right-wing in Ukraine who Putin wants to be brought to justice. The Western Press has never defended the people in Donbas and they prefer to ignore the inhumanity that has also been unleashed from the right-wing Ukrainians. There are also extremists on BOTH sides. Remember the US soldiers and the Mỹ Lai massacre of 1968 slaughtering Vietnamese civilians? Sometimes you simply get criminals who enjoy killing people under the cover of war to do what they would be shot dead doing on the streets during peace times. This is why they call it war crimes. The US has allowed CIA camps where they torture people outside the USA to claim they are not violating US law. There are never just white hats in a conflict. Both sides have their issues.

The solution would have been so simple to just allow the Donbas region to vote for their independence. But this is NOT about democracy, human rights, or any other lofty goal. This is about politics, controlling the flow of gas to Europe, and trying to isolate Russia to prevent it from selling energy to Europe. People wanting to send troops to defend Ukraine against the Evil Putin, are really dumbasses rushing into Donbas. Why is the entire world to be engulfed in war all because of Ukraine’s refusal to allow independence of their Russian population?

Here is the chart from the US Energy Information Administration. You will see that the US has suddenly become a major supplier of liquid gas to Europe only since 2019 and COVID. Liquifying Natural Gas is the only way the US can compete against Russia.

However, liquid gas is still a small part of the energy consumption in Europe. Germany has banned nuclear reactors and thanks to climate change is shutting down all coal plants. The only option they have is natural gas since Solor is not in a position to keep even the internet up no less to heat all the homes in Germany.

The political objective has been to cut off Russia from supplying fuel to Europe. Ukraine is where the bulk of everything flows through and this is far more than just defending freedom. That is quite frankly all bullshit. President Biden told the American people on February 22, that we must respond to evil Russian aggression. He said, “As we respond… Defending freedom will have costs for us as well, here at home. We need to be honest about that.

Once more, we have the government pretending to be honorable wearing the white hat while lying about everything as they have always done no matter what administration be it Bush and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, Obama and Syria, or Biden and COVID. They are whipping up the people to hate Russians. They have even blocked Russian porn sites and asked stores to stop selling Vodka. Nobody tells Zelensky to let the two provinces vote. It is politicians who create war and inspire hatred just as they have turned vaccinated against the unvaccinated. They are masters at dividing people. Now Russia will move in and the logical strategy would be to capture him for he is trying to set the world on fire.

I have many Ukrainian friends as well as Russians and many in Germany, France, Italy, and Britain. Our World Economic Conference has attendees from more than 37 countries. Attendees have made friends with people from around the globe. I do not support war as the solution. I support an actual solution that requires listening and Zelensky is willing to sacrifice all of Ukraine to retain Donbas. Why? Is he taking orders?

There are those who get into government and always try to expand their powers the same as a small businessman tries to expand his company. The problem is they see this as them against the people. They will lie and spin fake news all to keep power and that is the same regardless of the party. The Bureaucrats are actually anti-politicians and see them as stupid placeholders pretending it is democracy when it is just a republic.

Just look at Operation Northwoods when they proposed killing American civilians and then blame it on Castro and Cuba so they could justify an invasion. Even the World Health Organization is right now pushing for an international COVID Vaccine Passport to restrict international travel that has NOTHING to do with health. Because the US has removed Russian banks from SWIFT showing that the system itself is too political and needs to be replaced, the spin is that now there is the threat of a Russian cyberattack on our financial system. This will be right up Klaus Schwab’s wish list from the World Economic Forum mentioned. That will justify nobody will have access to the internet without clearance and a WHO vaccine passport. The Deep State can launch a cyberattack and blame Russia all for more power precisely as Operation Northwoods. There are people licking their lips right now to push the West into full authoritarian mode.


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The press is either totally incompetent at the journalistic level, while the management above is all for the revival of Communism. The press is so left they could never walk a straight line in a DUI test. Even the London Financial Times has turned against the very financial system. They support the overthrow of capitalism and select stories to try to convince capitalists to surrender all their wealth for the good of Schwab’s agenda. We have lost independent news.

All I can say is always look deeper. Those in power ALWAYS want more power. Every way is propaganda. There are two sides to everything and it is about time we STOP killing each other and turn around and just look at those ordering us to fight to the death so they gain more power and wealth. Follow the MONEY!

Field Marshall Hermann Wilhelm Göring (1893–1946) when questioned during the Nuremberg trial had this to say:

 “Why, of course, the people don’t want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece. Naturally, the common people don’t want war; neither in Russia nor in England nor in America, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy or a fascist dictatorship or a Parliament or a Communist dictatorship.

With respect to a Democracy they argued, the people have some say in the matter through their elected representatives, and in the United States, only Congress can declare wars.

Göring replied: “Oh, that is all well and good, but, voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same way in any country.”

Initially, I was critical of your viewpoint, but after seeing how after every social media address by Zelensky and his plea for something, the countries of the EU and the US immediately go ahead and comply. This drew more and more nations into the fray. Zelensky called up Narendra Modi and asked for his support as well. India and Russia have a long history and mutual support. Whereas in the conflict in 1971, Ukraine had taken a very negative stance against India which India has not forgiven till today. India will remain neutral as like you know that the action by Russia cannot be condoned but at the same time knows the history all too well. I now see where you are coming from.

REPLY: Zelensky should be removed from office NOW or he will destroy Ukraine. He is either a complete fool, or he is taking orders externally to turn this into World War III. When history is written, his name will be remembered and not favorably. I have been involved in negotiations on behalf of governments in my career. I see nobody who is competent at this stage and I cannot imagine this is by chance. They are pissed-off that Putin is not storming in killing thousands of civilians so they get their photo ops. Unlike many spewing out their opinions, I have actually known many of the players face to face who have brought us to this crossroads in world history.

I support the people who are being used as pawns on both sides of this political conflict. If they want to kill me for speaking the truth, go ahead. Like Patrick Henry, I too would prefer death to the world these people are desperately trying to create — void of liberty and freedom. I mourn for my grandchildren who will never grow up in the arms of freedom I once knew.

Government is NOT here for our benefit. It is not here to slay our enemies. It is only concerned with its self-interest, as Adam Smith discovered. We are not part of that self-interest.