The Phoenix Phenomenon

These videos document the history of our world through the 138 year visitations of the Phoenix phenomenon. This post documents how these discoveries resulted in my conclusion that I live in a simulated universe.

The Phoenix object was named in antiquity, studied by the ancients, feared by kings and it was understood in the earliest times that it was to take down the power of the Archons. These Archons were they who ruled over our world using human lackeys. 

Over the years I found that disastrous episodes afflicted our world and these visitations were patterned in 138 year periods and in multiples of 138. I found that monuments from the old world recorded this 138 patterning, that ancient traditions claimed that the Angel of Death appeared every 138 years.

The Genesis record of the preflood world was in multiples of 138, many early time-keeping systems preserved this 138 year reckoning. The annals and accounts of very old chroniclers comported with the exact dates archeologists were claiming that whole regions were visited with ruin. I documented 21 different historic disasters and every one of them was on the 138 year timeline.

Over and over I found references to these destructions as always happening in the month of May.

I copied the sources because I had not dated a single event, but pulled the dates and conclusions from the writings of those who had published their findings but did not know of the Phoenix.

The 138 year chronology leads straight to the year 2040 AD. 

I wrote a thesis and presented my findings to Book Tree of San Diego, Paul Tice and his editor. I was awarded a publishing contract and my book, When the Sun Darkens, was born.

But I never stopped searching. In the 11thbook on Nostradamus (I have studied 14 different Nostradamus books) I found that the French seer named the Phoenix, named a 138 year multiple timeline linking it to the Flood. Then I learned that a code had been detected in the Quatrains and I studied the research of Mario Reading. I applied this date-index of Nostradamus and was shocked to find a pole-shift cataclysm and sun-darkening episode with moon turning red as blood dated in his prophecies to occur in May 2040. 

My discoveries led to the prophecies of Mother Shipton where I found she predicted 500 years ago that after a second World War, at the end of 100 years, a Sky Dragon would visit ruin on the earth. 

I never quit studying and I wrote a second thesis that added more sources confirming the first and with three new Phoenix dates on the 138 year timeline I did not know earlier. Again, I  was awarded a contract and Nostradamus and the Prophets of Apocalypse was born. 

For years I followed the hints in mystic, esoteric, hermetic and rabbinical literature of a connection between the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Phoenix traditions.  One day, when studying the scientifically precise measurements of the pyramid made by Sir Flinders Petrie, I found the link. Chambers, angles, planes, ascending slopes, passages, descending tunnels, antechambers, vertical ceiling heights, widths of floors, sloping distances- it was all there and pattered in units of 138 and all its multiples. 

In the thousands of books and videos on the Great Pyramid, no one has ever revealed that the entire structure is patterned in hundreds of rectilinear lengths all involving measurements of 138 and its multiples. In my videos and posts I provide overwhelming evidence of this in my detailed chronometrical charts. 

Pursuing this research a suspicion began building in my mind, that perhaps this superstructure from the ancient world was not only recording the past and future of all Phoenix visitrations, but maybe other historical events as well.

I pulled out my meticulous Chronicon and began calculating. This took over two years because what I found was a magnificent three-dimensional calendar of the history and future in stone.

Which led to my next shock.

In assessing all of this data I had to compare the Phoenix chronology with that of the Mayan Long-Count, the secular histories, the Vedic Yugas, the Sumerian King-Lists, the biblical chronology and the appearances of the Nemesis X Object.

I overlaid these timelines over each other in to one synthetic history and future of our world and then found it replicated in the measurements of the Great Pyramid of Giza. 

I did not date these events. I pulled these chronological statements and dates from other sources. 

This template of events unveils exactly what will occur on May 2040, then November 2046, then in 2106 AD followed by the collapse of all these systems in the year 2178 AD.

But this entire series of discoveries, though they support each other perfectly, propose a real problem. I am unable to synchronize two entirely separate series of facts.

The Phoenix timeline of 138 periods spanning 5500 years is supported by an extensively bibliography of others who provided the dates and yet had no knowledge of the Phoenix

The Phoenix always appeared in May

The Phoenix mathematics is preserved in stone in the Great Pyramid and is absolutely irrefutable and unassailable.

But these facts are in total defiance of our Newtonian mechanics. No object in the solar system can maintain such precision over so lengthy a span. Earth’s own velocity changes, obliquity is a factor in acceleration/deceleration, solar activity affects orbital movement, past pole shifts and cataclysms would have affected earth’s velocity and then there is the real nail in the coffin.

I have produced at least 30 different historic sources showing that all the calendrical systems in the ancient world were based off a 360 day year calendar. Then later toward the 8thcentury BCE our orbit around Sol increased 5.25 days to a 365.225 year. I have produced in books and videos over 15 sources that claim that at that time different civilizations changed their calendars. Thus, Phoenix would have appeared in May during the 360 day year, but after the change to 365.25 days then Phoenix would have begun falling out of synch and appear in April, then March. But that never happened.

So I was confronted with a paradox. Everything I had uncovered and documented was true. Yes, there is a 138 year Phoenix timeline. Yes, it appears in May. Yes, its appearances were documented and dated by other authors, not me. Yes, this 138 year timeline is coded in the measurements of the Great Pyramid. Yes, Phoenix appeared in May of 1764 and again in May of 1902. Yes, the ancient year was 360 days. Yes, the modern year for over 26 centuries now has been 365.25 days.  Yes, under the Newtonian order of planetary dynamics this series of facts is IMPOSSIBLE. 

So if every conclusion is the result of a long series of facts, and each fact supports all the others, then I was left to reconcile this paradox by the only explanation currently plausible.

This is all programming. I have discovered coding protocols. Therefore, I conclude, I am inside a simulation. 

So, in order for you to see what I do, in my next Archaix 2.0 video, you are going to be given the chart that overlays all these systems in to one timeline, and we’re going to go through it. Going to be a long video, but you get in an hour what took me two decades to learn.