The music of Anders Holte & Cacina Meadu, made visible by CymaScope instrument.

This beautiful, state-of-the-art cymatics video is the voice of Anders Holte and the music of Cacina Meadu made visible by CymaScope instrument. Anders & Cacina are gifted artistes and their music is loved internationally.

They recording was made for an online event, hosted by Tsipi Raz, director of “The 1 Field” documentary. Anders & Cacina feature in the documentary, along with acoustic-physics scientist, John Stuart Reid, who invented the CymaScope instrument. At it’s heart, the CymaScope principle is simple: Sound vibrations are imprinted onto the surface of pure water, rather like making a fingerprint visible on glass. The surface of water offers an exquisitely sensitive membrane to sonic periodicities, and the CymaScope transforms these motions into geometric water wavelet patterns, thus creating accurate models of the sound—a new scientific and artistic tool for the 21st century. In the video the blue periphery represents Cacina’s haunting keyboards made visible, while the inner imagery represents Anders’ rich and resonant voice made visible. When viewing the beautiful CymaScope imagery you may wish to imagine the effect that this gorgeous music has on your visceral waters, and on the surface membrane of every cell in your body. Operating the CymaScope in this video is James Stuart Reid, son of John Stuart Reid.