Most people believe that they are free because the media and politicians tell them that they are, however in truth we are merely slaves caught up in an illusion we think as being freedom. Freedom is very simple; it is the ability to be an individual free from all law. In order to have law, which is in of itself an artificially created reason to control someone other than you, force is used to gain compliance, hence force of law. However this is done without gaining permission from the creator of us, the earth and of all of creation, there argument falls apart as their authority is based only upon hearsay. They work their authority through fraud being that everyone and everything is considered to be some form of property all owned by the Ruling Bloodline families. At birth your parents give you a name unknowingly transferring the ownership of that name to the state. We could not be owned if we did not accept names as it is through the names that ownership of our bodies by the few exists, yet we are not the names and there in is the fraud.

The ruling bloodline families have and are using force against us on a daily basis to gain our compliance to follow a set of laws which we have no say in nor control over all of which is designed to enrich the bloodline ruling elite families as all law is based in commerce thus for each law broken millions of dollars are created in various types of bonds and fines, which only benefit the system and the Bloodline Ruling Elite. Thus there are two sets of laws, one for the poor who are the slaves and virtually no laws for the ruling elite families and their enforcers; which are the Police and System slaves in general.

In truth we live on the earth and not in Countries. They have divided up the earth into Countries through use of force projected through imperialism and war. All of which has been done without any proof authority to do so from our creator. The Bible talks about God and LORD God. Genesis 1 you will read all about God and his creation of the earth and all that exists. Then in Genesis 2 forward it is all about LORD God and his enslavement of man and claiming to be the creator of all that exists. However God the creator did not create religion or ask us to worship him in anyway. God went so far as to give man dominion over all the earth, meaning we all rule equally as stated in Genesis 1:26. That said we can clearly observe that God’s will has been thwarted by those who pretend to uphold it, mainly being the Popes of the Catholic Church and all leaders of Religion in general, including Islam, Hinduism etc. This is simply because in the Bible in God’s own words he gave all man dominion and the various religious institutions are there to create enforceable laws that are designed to enslave and restrict free thought and expression and mostly enslave people.

The Foundation of freedom is that we are all suppose to be free to think and do what we wish to without anyone using any force against us to make us comply in fear for our safety. The
Justice System is a complete farce in that it pretends to represent the will of the people by creating laws which enslave them. In many cases there is so much greed and corruption that goes on, that the only thought that goes into creating laws, is this law going to be good for the ruling elite or not. They are all there to serve the ruling elite and so as long the laws don’t apply to the enforcers or the ones creating them, the ruling elite simply create a system of laws that benefit them, especially laws concerning the creation of money and usury through loans.

The foundation of mammon or money is based in fraud. For whatever they use for money, be it Gold, Silver, Fiat Currencies, the value of the species of mammon does not reflect the labour put in to create it. For example you can hit a ore deposit where you simply chip away at the deposit for 10 minutes and get 24 ounces of Gold, worth about $42,000.00 for 10 minutes of work versus spending labouring at some dead end job for a whole month and getting $1200.00 in pay. Thus those who control the amount of mammon allowed to circulate and own the sources of the mammon get to have everything that they want, while everyone else slaves to get a small amount of mammon in comparison to pay for the basics. It allows for inequality to artificially exists allowing the few to have a lot more than the many in terms of products and services and ultimately power over the system to control others.

The other aspect to this is that fiat currency the money is merely paper with some ink and some fancy security protection built in as to not allowing others to copy it easily in creating counterfeit notes. The problem again comes into play with the labour required to make the notes compared to the labour to earn a note. The Federal reserve and other scams like it run through central banks, print the money at a labour cost of pennies per sheet of bills of any denomination and give it to the people as private money for the face value enriching themselves from pennies to produce lets say a $100 bill then selling into the market at face value making a huge profit on it, then charge interest on it and collect that interest through personal income tax, which has nothing to do with running the services
needed in a country.

The services are paid through issuing cheques and using the signature of the one cashing the cheque to create the funds for the cheque, thus the funds created by the signature was simply a data entry into the computer. So in order to stem inflation, the personal income tax and other taxes are implemented and economies are set up so that there are many low paying jobs and only a few high paying jobs. Thus the system of control is enforced through artificially created scarcities. The other thing they do with fiat currencies is valuate different currencies at different values so that they can create artificial scarcity in one country and plenty in others; such as you see with African Countries versus European and North American Countries. Where we see starving African Children and a simple donation of $30/month and will save one child from starvation, we see $30.00 as for paying for one meal at a restaurant. Yet there is no defensible argument that can be put forward that one hours labour by someone is worth something different by someone else. The idea that we have higher education and can do more difficult work does not detract from the fact that education should be free to begin with and simply because you learn to do something that others can’t doesn’t mean that your labour is worth more, it just means that you have improved yourself to help serve others better to make a better world or place for your fellow man.

This brings us to the notion of service to self versus service to others. Service to self to enrich oneself over the detriment of others creates in the end a very unbalanced and dangerous situation, where many laws and people are needed as enforcers to hold the masses back from you, allowing you to enjoy the fruits of the labour of others with little or no labour from yourself and thus dictate to the masses how they should live and be. Versus service to others where we are all individuals wanting to be the best we can be in service to our fellow man and willing to make do with a little less so everyone is cared for in terms of the necessities of life and meaningful purpose to do what they want to help build a future based on equality and love for all life on earth.

On a side note those who believe that professional sports are fairly run, you have got to get your head out of the sand and look around. It is so obvious how one team is heavily penalized for the most minor infraction while another gets away with murder so to speak. Star players are given room from other players so they can have the time and opportunities to line up good shots on the goal, such as it is in hockey and basketball. Sports has always been used as a distraction for the masses getting them more involved in what team wins or loses as being more important as to how you are being enslaved.

The people behind all this are Satanists. They are at war with God and thus have no will to follow what God said in his own words that we all share in dominion over the earth. Outside of the religious connotations who is the creator of the earth and if you don’t know, then where do you get to assume that you can use force of law against others to create wide spread poverty and despair so you can have a sheltered and wealthy lifestyle? They do not care about us as they only care about themselves and what is in it for them. Further the level of pedophilia and Satanic Human Sacrifice runs rapid as they live to serve a top down structure of control. There are also evil spirits that they worship that feed off the fear created by them through their system of control. Many people are not aware of the satanic rituals that take place in there churches today, one being cannibalism of Christ’s body through the bread and wine thing in Catholic Churches. Simply put from cradle to grave you are feed a bunch a shit, told you are worthless and a sinner and then spat out once you can not produce as a good slave anymore.

Each day I cringe in disbelief at the level of lies people by into. The big one being that if you work hard like the rest of us you too can have a big house and fancy cars. Well minimum wage doesn’t do that for you. Those that do get good paying jobs have to usually pay off a mortgage in student loans and pay heavy taxes on the larger sums of money they earn to give to the ruling elite for having a few hired slaves to print money for them sell you and through their phoney front Corporations called Governments at face value and then charge you interest as it is merely considered debt money. There is no way to pay back the debt so again when it all crashes they just wash away the debt and start over, except this time they aim to kill off the 80% or more of the worlds population by devaluing the currencies and creating artificial scarcity through lack of money. In the USA they are looking to pass a law making it illegal for people to grow there own food and sell food outside of the controlled system. Thus bringing in the enforces again to create widespread starvation once the currency is devalued.

The $26 Trillion dollar theft that Congress allowed to take place tobail out the bankers was not used to prop up the defaults on the homes, but rather was used to give the bloodline families and their enforces the money they needed to survive a devaluation of the world currencies. They also own most of the God as well. So where does that put us? It puts us the 93% who have to endure all this into a position of wondering why are we allowing a few to control the many in this way? We can and should have changed all this many years ago to doing things out of service to others rather, meaning we do what we love to do and do it for the love of our fellow man. The few that are among us that are perpetuating this system of insanity through their enforcers care only about themselves and what is in it for them. Slaves must not be allowed to have weapons and is the reason that they are desperately trying to disarm us before the hammer comes down.

Why we are being made to suffer and potentially being wiped out by the few is merely so that the few can have Pedophile and Satanic heaven on earth, controlling their slaves with micro chips and “non-lethal” weapons. They want to torture us and want to bring about a level of suffering like no one could ever believe possible and yet enjoy all the fruits of our discoveries and technological advancements.

We do have some help in that the truth vibrations are getting stronger and stronger by the day now. Within the next 10 years I suspect much of this will be over with as the earth aligns with our Galactic Center and we start doing what we do out of love for one another instead of self gain for the few. How we get there I am not sure, but I can tell you each day I move forward in this, I hate the system a little bit more and yearn to be free of it. I think the introduction of free energy technology and a move to make everyone self-sufficient in terms of food, shelter and clothing will go a long way in helping us break free. But you can see them moving to bring in laws along with their enforcers to stop that from happening. So I suspect at some point a line will be drawn and a few will be killed by the many to bring about change. I hope they can see that they are in a lost cause, but they think their enforcers along with their laws will keep people buying into the system long enough for the few to kill off the many. So when will you draw your line and when will you begin to try to do your part in helping with the transition from slavery to freedom?

Freedom, like truth, is not inherited. It must be learned and preserved by each generation. The pursuit of truth, freedom and happiness is every man’s birthright and individual responsibility. It cannot be transferred or deferred to another or to a government. People who don’t accept individual responsibility, and won’t strive for their own freedom, are known as slaves.

Freedom for man is expressed perfectly in God’s law as it sets guidelines to protect one’s own freedom without violating the freedom of others. God, by teaching us His law (truth), gave us the means for freedom. Jesus reiterated it. Truth leads us towards freedom and away from slavery.

Freedom begins with a concept — a state of mind. The mind, once freed, then goes on to pursue physical freedom as well. In John 8:32, Jesus states: “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Freedom comes from truth, and cannot come from central government — itself being a fraud, and its methods primarily lies, tricks, and deceit.