The Matter over Darwin’s Missing Mind

This January 2010 lecture by Canadian Patriot Review editor Matthew Ehret tackles the fallacies of Darwin’s theory of evolution from several angles: Historic, philosophical, political and scientific. We address the issue of Mind and Creativity as qualities that may exist in the very fabric of physical space time rather than existing merely as by-products of the human brain. We ask (and answer) the question “how did Darwin’s system originate and become hegemonic at the expense of all competing theories? And what were some of those theories that explain evolution more perfectly than Darwin’s?” We also dig deeply into the thinking of Lincoln’s advisor and American System leader Henry Charles Carey who’s 1858 book Unity of Law provides a solid refutation of not only those British imperial forces wishing to extend Darwin’s problematic system into the domain of human social life, but also pre-Darwinian social Darwinists like Thomas Malthus and John Stewart Mill’s dismal theories of diminishing return.