The Lie the Vatican Told – The Covens of Azazel & the Babylonian Slave Queen – Part 1 of 4 sound repaired

History & Law.

This video has no ‘voice narration’ in order to shorten the Time.

This is the history that was removed
This removal has allowed for propaganda & myth. The purpose of making it long, by adding clips, was to help those who cant seem to make the connections between the laws we are currently under, and the creation of those laws in our history. Many laws, have been removed from Public View, but they are still using those laws against the people.

None of the ‘positive’ laws that are for the benefit of people, are being enforced.

The addition of clips, will hopefully help people comprehend the ‘real time’ effects of these laws & their actions or lack of action, on the public today.

In part 1 – Laws that are removed from public now

The Creation of COVEN ANT and Suleiman
What is, “COVEN ANT”

The Canon law that created the “Name Game”
The Canon law creating the Pharisees
The Canon law creating the CORPORATION

These are just a few things covered in the first section.