The ILLUSION of REALITY Elonias Foundation

This world is an illusion – a program of reality. It is time to wake up. The Illusion of Reality is a true story documentary, following a 40-year journey of awakening and contact from what is Real beyond this illusion of life, space and time. A profound uncovering of who we really are, the meaning of our lives and of ALL life everywhere. Full HD version available for view or download at This journey began with a need to understand what lay beyond life. A heartfelt search that would find answers to the greatest questions of all. A journey of consciousness, light and energy. A journey of awareness, thought, memory, time, space and hope. An inner discovery of planetary and universal dimensions, alternate futures, extraordinary paranormal experiences – and contact from those beyond this planet and beyond our reality. Ultimately it is a journey of awakening; it is a journey about love. This world is not only holographic, it is a created program. Listen to the facts. Open your mind. It is time to wake up. This documentary is the beginning of the Greatest Story Never Told. Purpose of Life. Life purpose. Meaning of Life. Inner Awareness. Paranormal. Afterlife. Reincarnation. Past Lives. Future Lives. In between lives. Psychic. Intuition. Premonition. Revelation. Holographic. Universe. Holographic Reality. Dreams. OBE. Out of Body Experience. UFO. Ghosts. Light Beings. Quantum. Double Slit Experiment. Implicate. Explicate. David Bohm. Krishnamurti. Philosophy. Theosophical Society. Religion. Quantum Mechanics. Einstein. Illusion. Reality. Perception. Consciousness. Subconscious. Super Conscious Mind. Space. Stars. Time. Time Vortex. Light Vortex. Hyperspace. Meditation. Alternate Reality. Alternate Realities. Remote Viewing. Mind Travel. Time Travel. Block Universe. No-time. Beyond Time. The Real. Elonias Foundation. Elonias. Round Earth. Ball Earth. Flat Earth. Heliocentric. Cube Earth. Orion Constellation. Pleiades. Ursa Minor. Ursa Major. Greater Plan. Wake up. Waking Up. Dreaming. Dream Chamber. Download. Consciousness Download. Diane Swaffield. Jason Swaffield. Time Travel. Dimensions. Simultaneous Time.