The illusion of Reality documentary

It began more than 4 decades ago with a need by one person to understand what lay beyond life. That dedication would lead to the revelation that is the beginning of the Greatest Story Never Told.


A heartfelt search that would find answers to the greatest questions of all. A journey of consciousness, light and energy. A journey of awareness, thought, memory, time, space and hope. An inner discovery of planetary and universal dimensions, alternate futures, extraordinary paranormal experiences – and contact from those beyond this planet and beyond our reality. Ultimately it is a journey of awakening; it is a journey about love.

This world is not only holographic, it is a created program. Listen to the experiences. Hear the facts. Open your mind. It is time to wake up.

I was asked to create this documentary and to share a simple message: This world is a total illusion. This world is a program – an illusion of reality. A program that has been running for far too long. As extraordinary as a claim as this may initially sound, I ask you to listen to the facts. This world is not what you think it is, and if you are willing to journey beyond the boundary of your belief, the greatest story never told is waiting for you.

All I ask is simply for you to listen, listen inwardly, because it is time for so many to wake up. It is safe to do so. If you are looking for answers to why we are here, to how you feel or what you experience … then open your mind and open your heart. Leave your preconceptions and beliefs at the door, and come with me on a journey. In the end you will decide if this message is for you, or if it isn’t. You will have the choice to remember, or the choice to ignore and forget. That will be your choice, not mine.

All I share is the awareness revealed and experienced over 40 years of contact, investigation and dedication to the truth. Without bias or preference, and with a great deal of courage and support by beings so much greater than we can understand.

This story would not be possible if not for my late wife, Diane. In the 1980s, following a lifelong passion to understand life after death, past lives and everything paranormal, Diane had an experience that began the most powerful mission of her life. What happened to Diane inspired her to start a journey that would never stop. What happened? An energy of great intelligence and love, from outside of our universe, outside of our reality, reached in and made contact, connecting Diane’s entire mind and energy of consciousness to something so profound, it altered the course of Diane’s life forever, and the lives of countless others .. including mine.”

– Jason